September 30, 2014

A look inside Iranian class submarine

Iran has different classes of advanced home-made submarines, including Fateh, Ghadir, Qaem, Nahang, Tareq and Sina. In the first segment of the show, Gisoo Misha Ahmady travels inside one of them to see what life looks like inside these huge naval machines.

Video - Press TV

Iran navy uses a 2008-2009 copy of Janes Fighting Ships

Vietnam acquires Orbiter 2 UAS for use as an aerial forward observation artillery corps

Vietnam has acquired the Orbiter 2 unmanned air system (UAS) for use as an aerial forward observation asset for its artillery corps.

The Orbiter 2 is manufactured by Israel's Aeronautics Defense Systems, which says using a UAS instead of a ground-based forward observation officer will provide an improved "first round on target" capability for its customer.An Orbiter 2 flying at 2,000ft can supply artillery units with the co-ordinates of "a number" of targets, it adds.

Aeronautics sources say the Orbiter 2 is also now being offered by Rafael as part of deals that include the latter's Spike air-to-surface missiles, and by Israel Military Industries along with its surface-to-surface rockets.

An upgraded version of the Aeronautics aircraft is also available, with the Orbiter 2B capable of navigating independently to complete a mission, even if GPS is jammed or communication links lost. This variant also can carry payloads to assist with intelligence gathering.

Ukraine War - Grad Attack On Mariupol again

A large scale grad rocket barrage is launched into Mariupol Ukraine, a city very much the front-line of the war. Rebels and Ukraine's military have been fighting for control of the strategic region for weeks now.

Afghanistan, US sign long-awaited security pact

Pakistan Army disappointed.

 Officials from Afghanistan and the United States on Tuesday signed a long-delayed security agreement to allow American troops to stay in the country after the end of the year, filling a campaign promise by new President Ashraf Ghani.

National security adviser Hanif Atmar and US Ambassador James Cunningham signed the bilateral security agreement in a televised ceremony at the presidential palace, one day after Ghani was inaugurated.“As an independent country, based on our national interests, we signed this agreement for stability, goodwill, and prosperity of our people, stability of the region and the world,” Ghani said in a speech after the signing.Ghani's predecessor, Hamid Karzai, had long refused to agree to the deal, citing his anger over civilian deaths and his belief that the war was not fought in the interests of his country, souring his ties with the United States.

Under the terms of agreement, 12,000 foreign military personnel are expected to stay after 2014, when the combat mission of Afghanistan's US led Nato force ends.The force is expected to be made up of 9,800 US troops with the rest from other Nato members. They will train and assist Afghan security forces in the war against the Taliban and its radical Islamist allies.

Ghani was inaugurated on Monday and called on the Taliban to join peace talks. He formed a unity government with election rival Abdullah Abdullah after a prolonged standoff over vote results that ended in a deal to make Ghani president and Abdullah a chief executive in the government with broad powers.

The Taliban, fighting to oust foreign forces and the US backed government, have taken advantage of the paralysis in Kabul to launch attacks in an attempt regain strategic territory in provinces such as Helmand in the south and Kunduz in the north.The Taliban have denounced the pact with the United States and repeated that on Tuesday, calling it a “sinister” plot by the United States to control Afghanistan and restore its international credibility as a military super power.“Under the name of the security agreement, today Americans want to prepare themselves for another non-obvious and very dangerous fight,” the Taliban said in a statement emailed to the media.

“With their bulk of artifices and deceptions they want to hoodwink the people. They think that the Afghan people do not know about their conspiracies and their sinister goals.”

Japan’s Largest Warship Since World War II Takes To Sea

Japan’s largest warship since World War II has left for its first set of sea trials last week ahead of entering the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF)fleet next year.

JS Izumo (DDH-183) departed Tokyo Bay on Sept. 23, as seen as in a video on YouTube, for the first round of what will be about six months of sea trials ahead of the ship’s commissioning next year, a JMSDF official told Jane’s Defence Weekly on Monday.

The 24,000-ton helicopter carrier is the first of two planned ships. Izumo will enter the JMSDF force next year. DDH-184 will enter the fleet in 2017

Video defending Saudi airstrikes

and explaining real reasons for decision to attack State emerges.

In Arabic. If someone could please translate for the audience in the comments.

Statue of Lenin - Symbol of association with Russia - pulled down in Kharkov, Ukraine

Cute socialist dictator of a friendly country missing

Some reports say he is suffering from gout, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments, often associated with these conditions.Rumors abound that he recently had an ankle surgery.

Good news is there is not Dictator double program in North Korea

The Malta International Air Show - 2014

27-28th September 2014

Swiss Air Force F-18 fighter

Egyptian K-8 (Chinese Hongdu JL-8) trainer aircraft makes its appearance on the Malta Air Show

RAF Red Arrows

German Luftwaffe Tornado

US Army AH-64E Apache and Indonesian Army Mi-35 Hind during Garuda Shield Joint Exercises

Photo - Sgt. Brooks Fletcher, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment

A pair of MI-35 Attack Helicopters from the Indonesian Army Aviation's Squadron 31, and AH-64E Apaches from the 1st Battalion, 25th Aviation Regiment, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade fly overhead during the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise held in Puslatpur, Indonesia, Sept. 29. Garuda Shield 2014 is a bilateral, tactical military exercise sponsored by U.S. Army Pacific and hosted by the Indonesian Armed Forces. Approximately 1,200 personnel from U.S. Army and Indonesian Armed Forces will conduct a series of training events focused on peace support operations.

An MI-35 Attack Helicopter from the Indonesian Army Aviation's Squadron 31 fires 30mm explosive and tracer rounds during the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise held in Puslatpur, Indonesia, Sept. 29. Garuda Shield 2014 is a bilateral, tactical military exercise sponsored by U.S. Army Pacific and hosted by the Indonesian Armed Forces. Approximately 1,200 personnel from U.S. Army and Indonesian Armed Forces will conduct a series of training events focused on peace support operations.

An MI-35 and a pair of Bell 412 Assault Helicopters fly overhead of Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, and Indonesian Armed Forces' 411th Raider Infantry Battalion, awaiting movement orders in Anoa Armored Personnel Carriers and Stryker during the Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise held in Puslatpur, Indonesia, Sept. 29

Belarus MiG-29 Military Review (30.09.2014)

Belarus sitting inbetween Poland and Russia has been smart to remain in the Russian sphere of influence.

More Proof : Turkey is Directly Supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda Terrorists In Syria and Iraq

IS fighters from US and Canada  enjoying hearty meals across the Syrian border in Turkey

German documentary reveals.

Turkish city mayors are mingling with people who murder and behead in Iraq and Syria.

Ridiculously NATO Patriot missiles are protecting Turkey

Iraq Army video of combat with militants

It seems Iraq Army special forces are using strange masks to scare of Islamic state fighters.
Don't think this approach works.

Chinese PLA Red -12 forces expeditionary army somewhere on the western Xinjiang plateau

Indonesian Air Force receives second batch of F-16C D Block 52ID fighter jets

Photo - tni-au

Two F-16s the Air Force C 52ID second phase of deliveries has landed safely in Madiun Iswahjudi Air Force Base on Saturday (27/9) afternoon at 11:18 pm after leaving Andersen AFB Guam exactly 5 hours and 18 minutes earlier. Both pilots of manned aircraft Tucson Air National Guard with the tail number TS-1641 and TS-1643. Both the F-16 C takes off from Andersen AFB Hawaii at 11.00 local time (06.00 am) then escorted to fly the KC-10 tanker aircraft to the Java Sea. And finally on the last leg of the leg on September 27, the two aircraft landed at 11:18 pm in Lanud Iswahjudi Madison and parked directly in the Air 3 Squadron hangar. The journey taken by a height of 25,000 feet at a speed of 0.8 MN (Mach Number) or about 480 KTAS (Knots True Air Speed) past the quiet Pacific Ocean before entering Indonesian territory. During the trip carried water to air refueling aircraft KC-10 dg of Travis with five refueling in the air.

Aircraft touchdown in RW 17 Iswahjudi Air Force Base at 11:18 pm and pkl go directly to the Air Squadron Hangar 3 "The Dragon Nest" .Second aviators received by Commander Iswahjudi Air Force Base officials were accompanied by all other Lanud besides the fighter pilots of the various squadron gathered Iswahjudi Air Force Base. The new aircraft is scheduled to reinforce formations Fly Past to enliven the 69th anniversary of TNI on October 7, 2014 in Surabaya Both aircraft begin a long journey halfway around the earth, by departing from Hill AFB Utah on Monday (22/9) at 11:20 local time and flew across the Pacific Ocean for six hours with five times the refueling water Hickham AFB successfully landed in Hawaii at 13:05. Furthermore, the flight crew rest day Hawaii before continuing the journey to Andersen AFB Guam. on Wednesday (24/9). Both F-16 C plane took off from Hickham AFB Hawaii at 11:06 local time (04:06 GMT) with escorted KC-10 tanker aircraft and eight hours later at 14:55 pm, he landed at Andersen AFB Guam.

Turkish Army Convoy in Syria Passing Through IS Checkpoint Near Jarabulus

Been writing for long about the role of Turkey in the rise of IS. IS is a Turkish proxy.Here is a video which shows Turkish  Army Convoy passing through a IS check post.

Turkey is involved in the rise of the state and it providing the murderers food and ammunition to destroy neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq.

Just like Mussolini sold the Italians the greatness of the Roman empire, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is successfully selling idea of Turkish superiority and glory of olden Ottoman Caliphte to Turks. He is marketing Selim 1 - notable for the enormous expansion of the Empire over the Arabs - to his Turkish voters and using the IS to accomplish those goals of conquering the Arabs.

His recent criticism of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi 2 days back can been seen in the same context.

Saudis, UAE and Egypt coming together to squash Muslim brother hood is part of the game being played in the middle east - all 3 were opposing the new Turkey plan.


All sides seems to be using the Americans/NATO in their goals of creating new Empires in the middle east.

This is what passed through the IS check point
ACV-S Tracked Armoured Combat Vehicle of Turkey.

Vostok-2014 - Military drills

First A400M for German Air Force runs it´s engines for the first time

The first Airbus A400M new generation airlifter for the German Air Force has begun final tests towards its delivery. The four engines on the aircraft, known as MSN18, were successfully run simultaneously for the first time

IRIAF Su-24 overhauls at Shiraz Shahid Dowran

Iranian media reporting IRIAF technicians recent efforts at overhauling several Sukhoi Su-24MK "Fencer-D" attack aircraft, reportedly requiring 35,000 man-hours per aircraft at Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TAB 7.

IRIAF Su-24 aircraft known recently overhauled include serials 3-6851, 3-6801 and 3-6805, with the latter known to be overhauled by Iranian Aircraft Industries (IACI) Company at Tehran/Mehrabad TAB 1.

ATK & KADDB - AC-235 Light Gunship

September 29, 2014

Night Photos of the F-22 Raptor stealth jets refueling mid-air enroute to Syria

Photos - U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Russ Scalf

Chinese PLA Anti-tank missile firing exercises

Recently, CCTV broadcast the footage showed the woman of PLA unit class missile shooting live ammunition exercises in the plateau, first hit the target. According to CCTV images to determine the missile for Red Arrow -73 series of anti-tank missiles in the Red Arrow 73D missile

Turkish tanks take up position near Syrian border

Turkish tanks took up position on a hill overlooking the besieged Kobane on Sept. 29 after ISIS shells hit Turkey

Turkish tanks and armoured vehicles took up positions on a hill overlooking the besieged Syrian border town of Kobani on Monday as shelling by Islamic State insurgents intensified and stray fire hit Turkish soil, a Reuters correspondent said.At least 15 tanks were positioned, some with their guns pointed towards Syrian territory, near a Turkish military base just northwest of Kobani. Plumes of smoke rose up as shells hit both the eastern and western sides of Kobani.

More tanks and armoured vehicles moved towards the Syrian border after at least two shells hit Turkish territory on Monday. The military said earlier it had fired back on Sunday after two mortar bombs crossed the border.Islamic State insurgents launched their assault on Kobani, a predominantly Kurdish town also known as Ayn al-Arab, more than a week ago, besieging it from three sides and sending more than 150,000 Kurds fleeing into Turkey."Because of the bombs everyone is running away, we’ve heard people have been killed. The YPG (Kurdish forces) have got small weapons but Islamic State has big guns and tanks," said Xelil, a 39-year old engineer who fled Kobani on Monday.

"Most people are leaving now, it was safe before but now with these bombs, people won’t stay," he said.Turkey has so far declined to take a frontline role in the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, but President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkish troops could be used to help set up a safe haven for refugees inside Syria if there is international agreement.
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