December 31, 2014

Closing 2014 with some hope for Middle East

Photo - Video grab - Arabs got talent.

Mysterious Qatari behaviour

Qatar hosts offices of Taliban(Afghanistan), funds ISIS(Iraq and Syria), supports Hamas(Palestine) and Islamic Brotherhood(Egypt) and buys a luxury apartment in Paris from the Israel Defense Forces Disabled Veterans Organization

Copy and paste:

Israeli veterans' charity sells Paris apartment to Qatari emir 

91 year old Saudi King rushed to hospital in a helicopter from his desert resort near Riyadh

Crown prince Salman is most probably the next in line to become king of Saudi Arabia.

State times 31 December

Photos and information - ISIS fanboys 

ISIS circles know who was the other pilot who accompanied Mouaz Kasasbeh before his aircraft crashed.

Saddam Mardini the Jordanian pilot who accompanied Mouaz Kasasbeh in his last flight over Raqqa

Unexploded Coalition war-heads found by ISIS in Kirkuk

Abu Omar al-Shishani was incharge of Kobani campaign, he seems to have got a desk job now.

ISIS recruit Areeb Majeed being taken to court by security personnel on Wednesday. He was found not fit enough for battle and was tasked with cleaning toilets in Raqqa.

One of Egypt's TV station crys conspiracy after discovery of Free Syrian Army Flag in Simpsons cartoon

Pakistan claims 2 soldiers killed in cross-border firing

Area known to have dense fog at this time of year, with no visibility beyond 30 meters. 

Cross-border firing between Pakistani border guards and Indian Border Security Force (BSF) personnel killed two soldiers in the Shakargarh sector of Narowal district on Wednesday, a Chenab Rangers spokesman said.

Iranian Muhammad Rasullullah multi-service maneuvers

Last part in the video includes an Iranian Aircraft buzzing U.S. Navy Destroyer  warning it to leave Muhammad Rasullullah exercise area in Strait of Hormuz.

Yemen produces 400 Jalal series AFVs with anti-RPG capabilities

Yemen produces 400 Jalal series AFVs including Jalal 4 & 5 with anti-RPG capabilities.

Jalal 3 small, agile armored production of which is deployed in Yemen. Armored vehicle chassis stir at the commercial SUV that provides unification and comparative cheapness of production.
"Jalal 3" was built in 2012 and named after its inventor Hassan Bin Jalal, said

Armored vehicles designed to protect the crew from small arms defeat 7.62 mm. the main operator of the new armored Jalal 3 was the Republican Army of Yemen and internal security forces.
According to the manufacturer, at the facilities of the company in Yemen have managed to collect about 400 armored vehicles series Jalal. The new models include the "Jalal 4", "Jalal 5", which provides for the protection of portable anti-missiles RPG.

Dongfeng-21 missile carrier disguised as a civilian truck to escape US satellite tracking

Trucks would look like lumber trucks in satellite imagery.

Photos - CCTV video grabs

North Korean television documentary shows Kim Jong-un flying an aircraft with an assistant pilot

;) roaring

Video - Can't get the narrators voice out of my ears.

China sets up official website on the Senkaku Islands

Part of peaceful rise diplomacy.

The Chinese feel some long neglected mountains in the middle of the sea will add to prestige to China. If this initiative of taking over islets and territories that were so far marked in dotted line on maps succeeds, it will be used as a template to settle all the disputes in South China sea, Taiwan, and Arunachal Pradesh.

2014 final tank video from Allepo, Syria

Hope better sense prevails in 2015 and better alternatives are found to both Assad and ISIS.

Firefighters at Al-Sidra Libya's largest oil terminal

Ansar al Sharia Libya operating a checkpoint in Benghazi 

Photos @ Caleb Weiss

Ukraine War - Footage of 'LNR' carrying out exercises near the front line in eastern Ukraine

ISIS publicly flogs young guy 4 having pornography on his mobile, then hugs him

New batch of ISIS recruits pushed out of their camp into d battle field when training is over

No other cars BUT SUVs

Ukraine Armed Forces recruitment video released

Survey the scope of your work before you begin in 2015

Happy new year 2015

December 30, 2014

Is this responsible journalism ?

You decide.  Daily Mail story

Freedom of press and is good and healthy for democracies but with some caveats.

So now the attackers know exactly where sentries are, even in Raqqa.
Just some more research with Google street view is required for the 'Lone wolf' we are trying to avoid.

Here is the footage of the lone wolf attacker on the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri Air Base NE Nigeria

Information available shows 3 or more non-operational Mig-21 jets on fire.

Here they are.

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