January 31, 2017

PLAAF Chinese Air Force Fighter - J20

Vietnam Navy's six Kilo class submarines at Cam Ranh Bay

Checking out the 4th gen Russian fighter jet: MiG-35 in 360

Nigeria - Islamic State Attack On Security Position In Yobe State

Houthis Releases Video Shows Targeting A Saudi Frigate Off The Coast Of Mokha In Taiz

Jaysh Al Islam Claims To Have Repelled The SAA Attack In Eastern Ghouta

South Korean Ministry of Defense Armed Forces Commercial

Fighting in all kinds of weather

January 30, 2017

Germany Sends Troops To East Europe Alongside Americans

Denel’s Malaysian Contract Delayed

Denel received the R3.7 billion contract in 2011 to develop, manufacture, supply, deliver and commission the turrets. The contract requires industrial participation in Malaysia and as a result the production and assembly are taking place in that country.

In its latest annual report, Denel noted that, “The contract execution has been extended by two years to nine years due to the economic situation in the end-user country. The required industrial participation activities have been implemented and the first systems have been successfully manufactured, assembled and tested in the end-user country. The base value of the programme is R3.7bn and revenue of R1.193bn (2014/15: R590m) was recognised during the 2015/16 financial year.”

The Malaysian contract, the largest export contract in Denel’s history, is seeing Denel Land Systems responsible for 69 two man turrets fitted with the South African GI30 30mm main gun; 54 missile turrets equipped with the GI30 30mm gun and Denel Dynamics Ingwe anti-tank missile system (the order also includes the supply of 216 laser-guided Ingwe missiles); and 54 remote control weapons systems.

The annual report said key highlights and achievements over the last financial year included the completion of the light combat turret (LCT) 30 product baseline and the assembly of 20 LCT30 systems for Malaysia.

Through the contract Denel is participating in the Malaysian Economic Enhancement programme which entails the production and assembly of the turrets in Malaysia. The agreement provides a platform to transfer weapon system integration technology to DefTech in order to create a sustainable capability in Malaysia.

Manufacturing of the turrets grew out of Denel Land System’s development of the Badger infantry combat vehicle on behalf of the South African Army.

HMAS Anzac Gets Underway for Readiness Tests

The lead ship of Royal Australian Navy’s Anzac-class frigates departed Fleet Base East in Sydney for the first time in 2017 to begin her deployment work ups.

HMAS Anzac sailed out in formation with HMA Ships Melbourne and Parramatta.

Coming out of a maintenance period, Anzac headed for the East Australian Exercise Area, the Australian Defence Force training zone off the New South Wales coast.
Anzac’s first week at sea included a ‘shakedown’ period, designed to refresh the knowledge and training of ship’s company, in addition to teaching the ‘new joiners’ what is required in order to live and fight in the maritime environment.

Several warfare exercises were conducted while underway, including force protection harbour entries and air warfare training serials.

Upon her return to Fleet Base East, Anzac will embark members of Sea Training Group to commence a formal training and assessment phase. The Group are responsible for delivering effective training to the Navy’s Fleet, and will train and assess Anzac’s readiness across all disciplines.

In another milestone for the frigate, HMAS Anzac completed an Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile firing against an airborne target in late 2016, for the first time since her since her Anti-Ship Missile Defence upgrade in 2014.

The milestone was achieved during her Sea Qualification Trials as Anzac proved the capability of her weapon and sensor systems. The firing took place after the frigate’s maintenance period and completing she completed the Mariner Skills Evaluation, which allowed the ship to safely proceed to sea.

Another batch of US military hardware ready to deploy across Europe

Chinese AVIC DK-10 SAM

PAL-V One Flying Car Flight Testing

Haul truck converted to ISIS truck bomb. The way VBIED's are hidden prior to deployment

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