October 26, 2020

Afghanistan - 1 Pakistani National among Taliban fighters killed in Zabul province


B-2 Weapons Load • Whiteman Air Force Base


Israel Air Force - Let Uri Shlomon teach you something about life


Air defense exercises using the latest military air defense weapons near Astrakhan


Indian Navy - Vikrant aircraft carrier under construction

Controlled combat drones of Armenian production in use

October 21, 2020

Night Multi-Mission Exercises with the FLIR R80D SkyRaider Advanced Multi-Mission UAS


C-17 Globemaster III Snowy Landing at Fort Greely, Alaska


8x8 wheeled self-propelled howitzer 155m CAESAR Nexter Systems truck with artillery systems France


British army artillery unit tests Jet Suit backpack to trial concept of rapid support on battlefield


KC-46A refuels Kadena F-15s for the first time


Polish Army Soldiers Chased By US Humvee During Intense Military Firefight Training Exercise


Small drone dropping a package onto the ballistic missile #submarine USS HENRY M JACKSON SSBN730

October 20, 2020

Indonesia Rejected U.S. Request to Host Spy Planes - Officials

 Indonesia rejected this year a proposal by the United States to allow its P-8 Poseidon maritime surveillance planes to land and refuel there, according to four senior Indonesian officials familiar with the matter.

U.S. officials made multiple “high-level” approaches in July and August to Indonesia’s defence and foreign ministers before Indonesia’s president, Joko Widodo, rebuffed the request, the officials said.Representatives for Indonesia’s president and defence minister, the U.S. State Department press office and the U.S. embassy in Jakarta did not respond to requests for comment. Representatives for the U.S. Department of Defence and Indonesia’s foreign minister Retno Marsudi declined to comment.

The proposition, which came as the U.S. and China escalated their contest for influence in Southeast Asia, surprised Indonesia’s government, the officials said, because Indonesia has a long-standing policy of foreign policy neutrality. The country has never allowed foreign militaries to operate there.The P-8 plays a central role in keeping an eye on China’s military activity in the South China Sea, most of which Beijing claims as sovereign territory. Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brunei have rival claims to the resource-rich waters, through which $3 trillion worth of trade passes each year.

Indonesia is not a formal claimant in the strategically important waterway, but considers a portion of the South China Sea as its own. It has regularly repelled Chinese coast guard vessels and fishing boats from an area to which Beijing says it has a historic claim.But the country also has growing economic and investment links with China. It does not want to take sides in the conflict and is alarmed by growing tensions between the two superpowers, and by the militarisation of the South China Sea, Retno told Reuters.

“We don’t want to get trapped by this rivalry,” Retno said in an interview in early September. “Indonesia wants to show all that we are ready to be your partner.”

BrahMos test from destroyer Indian Navy ship - INS Chennai


Raytheon ELCAN Overview


Milrem Robotics - Follow me & return home


USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) Conducts Live-Fire Test of SM-2 Missile

The USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) successfully executed the first live-fire test of the MK 57 Vertical Launching System with a Standard Missile (SM-2) on the Naval Air Weapons Center Weapons Division Sea Test Range, Point Mugu, Oct. 13. The ships’ stealth and ability to operate in both the open-ocean and near-shore environments creates a new level of battlespace complexity for potential adversaries. The Zumwalt class will also operate as a key enabler in the acceleration of new warfighting capabilities and rapid development and validation of operational tactics, techniques, and procedures.


Rafale Solo Display Arrival & Parking - Pilots Step Out of Their Planes - Kauhava 2020


German Heer - Black boar - hunters and pioneers of the reserve keep themselves fit for action | armed forces


Russia - Launch of the cruise missile "Onyx" by the calculation of the BRK "Bastion" of the military base "Arctic Trefoil" (translated)


October 16, 2020

First submarine of Myanmar Navy ex-Sindhuvir Indian Navy


20 Pakistan Army security personnel killed in Occupied Balochistan and North Waziristan attacks

 At least 20 security personnel were martyred in two separate terrorist attacks in Balochistan's Gwadar and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa's North Waziristan districts on Thursday.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), at least six troops of Pakistan Army, including one officer, was martyred when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded near a convoy of security forces in North Waziristan's Razmak area.

Those embraced martyrdom included 24-year-old Captain Umar Farooq, 37-year-old Naib Subedar Riaz Ahmed, 44-year-old Naib Subedar Shakeel Azad, 36-year-old Havaldar Younas Khan, 37-year-old Naik Muhammad Nadeem and 30-year-old Lance Naik Asmat Ullah.In the second incident, 14 security personnel also embraced martyrdom when terrorists opened fire on convoy of Oil and Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) at Makran Coastal Highway in Ormara.

"On 15 Oct 20, an encounter took place between security forces and large number of terrorists on Coastal Highway (Near Ormara), when a convoy of OGDCL was being escorted from Gwadar to Karachi. Security Forces responded effectively, ensured security of the OGDCL persons and managed their safe exit from the area," an ISPR statement said.The military's media wing said that during the clash, substantial losses were also incurred to the terrorists.

As a result of the encounter, seven soldiers of the Balochistan Frontier Corps and seven security guards were martyred while fighting the terrorists.

Those embraced martyrdom in Ormara incident included Subedar Abid Hussain from Layyah, Naik Muhammad Anwar from Sibi, Lance Naik Iftikhar Ahmed from Dera Ghazi Khan, Sepoy Muhammad Naveed from Chakwal, Lance Naik Abdul Latif from Pishin, Sepoy Muhammad Waris from Mianwali, Sepoy Imran Khan from Lakki Marwat, Havaldar (retd) Samandar Khan from Lakki Marwat, Muhammad Fawad ullah from Lakki Marwat, Attaullah from Dera Ismail Khan, Waris Khan from Tank, Abdul Nafay from Kohat, Shakir ullah from Kohat and Abid Hussain from Bannu.

How Snipers Hit Targets Over Two Miles Away


US Navy Montana (SSN 794) Rollout


Stryker IM-SHORAD: U.S. Army Testing


Pakistan COAS visited Bahawalpur to observe sniper training


Russian special forces detachment of the Pacific Fleet captured enemy stronghold


Turkey launches program to modernize Turkish Army ACV-15 AFV Armored Fighting Vehicle Aselsan FNSS


Top 10 Best Military Rifles Around the World


Just How Powerful Is F-22 Raptor So That It Become Air Sniper


October 15, 2020

Chinese PLA casualty evacuation spotted in North Bank area of Pangong Tso

Chinese military lacks proper training methods and facilities to help PLA soldiers acclimatize to high altitude areas in cold deserts.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has suffered medical casualties in the North Bank area of Pangong Tso. Cases of casualty evacuation have been spotted in the area over the last week.

The weather in the area, which is considerably below the freezing point in the nights, may be the reason for increasing PLA casualties.

Chinese PLAAF J10 crashed due to bird hit shortly after take off on 5-Oct-2020

Pilot Wang Jiandong ejected safely


Progress on John F. Kennedy (CVN79), Enterprise (#CVN80) and USS George Washington (CVN73)


MQ-9B SkyGuardian Flying at El Mirage Lake in California


M45 Quadmount .50 Caliber "Meat Chopper"


RAAF KC-30A MMRT - No. 33 Squadron returns home


October 13, 2020

WAR CRIME - Azerbaijani missile strikes on Armenian St. Ghazanchetsots Cathedral in Shushi

South Korea to replace UH-60P with KUH-1

South Korea is planning to replace 103 of its UH-60P utility helicopters with the local-made KUH-1 helicopter, a lawmaker disclosed.


First flight of Kawasaki’s K-Racer


FLIR Intelligent Sensing Technology Sets the Textron RIPSAW® M5 Robotic Vehicle Apart


Veterans React - Legendary Marksmen Edition


USS Winston S. Churchill commemorates the 20th anniversary of the attack on USS Cole


October 12, 2020

Daredevil Russian pilot flies 1,300mph stealth fighter jet with NO ROOF on his cockpit


Why is the F-16 so popular


Marines have started to remove parts of KC-130J that crash landed in Thermal

The wings and engines of the KC-130J, BuNo. 16-6765, that crash landed on a field in Thermal on Sept. 29 have been removed last week.


JS Kaga, JS Ikazuchi and the submarine JS Shoryu in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam for port call

Three Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) warships have made a port call in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam on Oct. 11.


Arrival of first A400M military transport aircraft of binational Luxembourg-Belgium unit at 15 Wing


Marines Practicing w/ the M32A1 & M203 Granade Launchers


F-16 Aggressors Taxi & Takeoff


New Chinese Type 052 of Missile Destroyer Xining Ship: Live Ammunition Exercises Forging Ocean Swords


Uncovering a Nazi Submarine Off the Coast of Brazil


October 9, 2020

Royal Air Force Typhoons • Amari Air Base Estonia


ARCHER Ammo Logistic System


France to order 12 Rafales by end of the year to replace those sold to Greece

French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly told Parliament’s Defense Committee during an Oct. 6 hearing that her ministry intends to place an order for 12 Rafale fighters by end of the year to replace those sold to Greece.


America's love affair with guns


Russian Artillery Firepower! Massive Simultaneous Russian Artillery


Qatar requesting to buy F-35

According to Reuters, Qatar has made a formal request to Washington to buy the F-35 stealth fighter.


JS Kaga and JS Ikazuchi in joint naval exercise in South China Sea with Indonesian Navy

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force says its Indo-Pacific Deployment 2020 task force has carried joint naval exercise with the Indonesian Navy west of Natuna Islands in the South China Sea.


October 8, 2020

Pakistan Air Force Combat and landing Exercises on Lahore-Islamabad motorway


Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi Takes Charge Of Pakistan Navy

Finnish Air Force - Air Operations Exercise Ruska 20


US Army - This Is My Squad: 25th Infantry Division


US Military Plan to Defeat an Alien Invasion


Signal Corps: Commanding Connections


PJs Practice C-130 Aerial Insertion


Plan to lease T-50 for USAF’s Reforge program delayed by COVID-19

 Anonymous industry sources told Korea Herald that a plan to lease four KAI T-50 advanced jet trainers for U.S. Air Force’s Reforge training concept has been delayed by COVID-19.

JASDF F-2 fleet said to be grounded last month

Japanese media Flash said that the Japan Air Self-Defense Force grounded its F-2 fleet for checks last month.


ROKAF F-15K Slam Eagle 4K Timelapse


Air Force Day Parade 2020


F/A-18 Super Hornet In Action - Carrier Break, Missile Launches & Chasing, HI-Speed Maneuvers & More


October 3, 2020

First of two Iron Dome missile interceptor systems handed over to United States

The first of two Iron Dome missile interceptor systems purchased by the United States has been delivered to the country.


Singaporean Leopard 2 Tanks Are Equipped For Urban Warfare

 The SAF’s prevailing focus on homeland security and urban warfare is reflected on the Leopard 2SG’s many improvements. The entire hull is covered in a layer of applique armor, with thick side skirts and cage or slat sections protecting the flanks, and the turret’s frontal arc encased in removable composite panels. The armament of the Leopard 2SG remains the same–a 120mm smoothbore main gun paired with a coaxial machine gun–although a secondary machine gun on the turret roof is absent. The enhanced protection level of each Leopard 2SG is to guarantee its survival against multiple explosive threats, especially high velocity projectiles at close ranges such as the ubiquitous rocket grenades of an RPG-7.

The Leopard 2SG’s protection level and ability to function day and night (thanks to the commander’s oscillating thermal camera on the turret roof) gives Singapore’s ground forces a superb fire support vehicle in any conflict scenario where the full brunt of their mechanized fleet is required. Complementing the Leopard 2SG is the tracked Hunter AFV that entered service in 2019 whose armaments (a 30mm cannon and a tandem missile launcher) and mobility puts Singaporean troops far ahead of their regional peers. To date, no other military in ASEAN has fielded a locally assembled tracked fighting vehicle. The success of the Hunter AFV is giving ST Technologies a greater incentive to look for viable exports and improve the vehicle; one variant has the Hunter converted into a light tank with a John Cockerill turret.

Although Indonesia and Singapore both operate Leopard 2 battle tanks, Singapore’s variant is considered more advanced. In 2010 the German manufacturer Rheinmetall unveiled its “MBT Revolution” upgrade for the Leopard 2A4 that was later rebranded as the “Advanced Technology Demonstrator” or ATD. Externally, the ATD and the Leopard 2SG resembled each other but the ATD had additional features such as the ROSY smoke grenade launcher, an active detection and protection system, and a remote weapon station mounting a 40mm grenade launcher. MINDEF can add these same countermeasures on the Leopard 2SG in the near future but these plans haven’t been announced. Internally, the ATD’s analog controls within the turret were replaced with digital subsystems and Rheinmetall ensured the crew had 360 degree situational awareness.

Last Two Super Tucano Arrived in Philippine

 The remaining two of the total six brand-new Embraer Defense and Security A-29 "Super Tucano" close-air support aircraft acquired by the Philippine government have arrived in Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Pampanga on Thursday afternoon."The two remaining Super Tucanos arrived yesterday (Thursday). The first aircraft touched down at 1304H (1:04 p.m.) and followed by the other at 1327H (1:27 p.m.)," said Department of National Defense (DND) spokesperson Arsenio Andolong in a message to the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Friday.Andolong said the two Super Tucanos arrived from Vietnam, the last leg of their flight to the Philippines.

The A-29 attack helicopters are expected to beef up the Philippine Air Force's 15th Strike Wing.The first four Super Tucanos arrived in Clark Air Base in the afternoon of September 19. Embraer company pilots flew the aircraft from the company airfield in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and made fueling stops in the Canary Islands, Portugal, Malta, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, and Vietnam before landing in the Philippines.Andolong earlier said Embraer pilots will train PAF pilots selected to fly the "Super Tucano" for two months as part of the agreement under the Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee.

The A-29s were earlier scheduled to be delivered by the end of July but the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic and subsequent travel bans have skewed the delivery timetables.The aircraft, which will be part of the PAF's 15th Strike Wing, will beef up the remaining North American Rockwell OV-10 "Bronco" attack aircraft used by the Air Force in strike missions."They are a welcome and much-needed replacement for the PAF's aged, close air support aircraft, and their mission versatility and capability to carry a variety of ordnance will be very useful in the field," Andolong said.The Super Tucano is a turboprop aircraft designed for light attack, counter-insurgency, close air support, aerial reconnaissance missions in low threat environments, as well as providing pilot training. The contract for the six aircraft is worth PHP4.968 billion and was issued in late 2017.

To the 100th anniversary of the GLITs of the Russian Ministry of Defense


F-15 Night Takeoff (2020)


Philippine also Interested in Surplus Korean MD-500 Helicopters


DND eyes acquisition of surplus Korean MD-500 helicopters

MANILA – The Department of National Defense (DND) on Friday has expressed its intent to acquire surplus Bell UH-1H and McDonnell Douglas MD-500 helicopters from South Korea.Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana expressed the intent in a congratulatory letter to newly-appointed South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook.

He added the DND plans to conduct a Joint Venture Inspection in the fourth quarter of this year.The Philippine Air Force (PAF) is known to operate a number of UH-1H and MD-500 helicopters in its fleet.South Korea is known to have retired these helicopters from military service early this year.The PAF uses the UH-1H primarily for cargo and personnel transport and disaster relief missions while variants or models of the MD-500 in its inventory are utilized for ground attack or close-air support sorties.

"The JVI will be conducted following strict bio-safety protocols amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, by a team composed of representatives from the DND and the Armed Forces of the Philippines," DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong said in a message.He added that the acquisition project for the South Korean UH-1H and MD500 helicopters is still in the exploratory stage, with the details yet to be finalized including the timeline and number of rotary-winged aircraft to be acquired. 

Belarus and Russia joint exercise "Slavic Brotherhood - 2020"


A New Fleet of the Philippine Navy has arrived from the world's largest maritime exercise


India constructs world’s longest strategic tunnel above 10,000 feet to China border


How US Navy Seals Are Made - US Navy Seal Training: Hell Week, BUD/S Class, Etc


Tic Tac Witness CTO3 Interview


October 2, 2020

Chinese PLA deploys curved balloon A2A launchers near Indian border in Tibet as Chinese propaganda fails miserably


Taiwan’s Teng Yun 2.0 has flown


MQ-9 cleared to carry 8 Hellfire missiles

 A new software upgrade for the MQ-9 will now allow the unmanned air vehicle to carry up to eight AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.

ATAC’s Mirage F1s will be going to Eglin to train F-22 and F-35 pilots

Virginia-based Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC) will send its fleet of Mirage F1 fighters to Eglin Air Force Base by January 2021 for aggressor training against F-22 and F-35 pilots there.


Northrop Grumman Cargo Launch to the Space Station from NASA Wallops in Virginia


Czech Army Trucks Practice Driving Around Slippery Roads


The RIPSAW® M5 is Mission Ready


USN F-35C Lightning II Takeoff From Aircraft Carrier (2020)


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