April 30, 2016

Vice - What It's Really Like to Fight for the Islamic State

Shows Islamic State fighters in disarray in a gun fight.

Featuring - Abu Ridhwan and Abu Hajaar(aka dumb ass according to his accomplices)

Abu Hajaar's boss gives SHORT CUT TO PARADISE pep talk.

Abu Hajaar forgets to remove safety cap from RPG

Abu Hajaar retreats

Islamic State Released New French-Language Nashid Video Featured Its Child Soldiers ("Cubs Of The Caliphate")

Pics from today's victory parade in Donetsk

100% sure, there will be no shortage of volunteers 

Pakistani Hardcore Jihadi has sent 5 sons to West for better life

Look at his face when he is asked the question.

He is in the business of getting other peoples' kids killed for Jihad

When Jounalists are unable to take criticism

This is the kind of democracy they serve

Strangely they think only they can set agenda for public discourse.

TV journalism is a one way street when people do not question "NEWS"

Social media allows people to ask questions to so called MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

This is a world wide phenomenon
Presstitution is rampant in Europe &US as well

Excellent interview why journalists&MSM are losing credibility. They're being activists & politicians, not journos.

360 View | First Stage Landing on Droneship

Use the arrows in the top left corner

Russian Northern Fleet Submarine Severodvinsk successfully fires cruise missile "Caliber"

Soldiers of the 14th division / Iraqi army repel an ISIS assault on their position

Red Flag Exercise at Alaska begin

German intelectual on Merkels handling of the Erdogan critics

Let us all insult Turkish Erdogan everywhere.

Lets see how many he arrests

Karabakh forces firing 60mm lightweight mortar at Azerbaijani positions

April 29, 2016

Pakistan Army Final phase of Op Zarb- e-Azab in Shawal valley

Mortar position in Shawal valley


Armenian tank hunter Marat Petrosyan sets up Fagot-M ATGM, the weapon w/ which he took out Azeri tanks in Karabakh

Coalition strike destroys Islamic State VBIED factory near Sultan Abdallah, Iraq

Syrian Air Force attacks al-Ghantu while people stream out of the mosques

Dutch boy receives lessons in MULTI CULTI

The infidel has to be beaten and driven out of his own country.

Islamic State destroyed 3 Turkish Army tanks near Karkamis town of Gaziantep

One snake bites another snake.

Turks really thought Islamic State could be "controlled".

Turkish Army T-155 Firtina howitzer turret blown away after ISIS ATGW strike in Karkamış

Egypt and UAE Naval in the Red Sea

Japanese Mitsubishi F-2 over Mount Fuji

Z-9C Anti-submarine warfare helicopter with PLAN submarine

3 IAF Su-30 MKIs over Alaska with Il-78 refuelling tanker

Jaguars with Il-78 

Obama praises Merkel as Millions of Migrants Rape and Pillage Germany

This is why Trump is rising,
These idiots have LOST CONTACT with REALITY.

Russian Warplane Flies Within 50 Feet of U.S. Spy Plane in Asia

A Russian MiG-31 jet flew within 50 feet of a U.S. surveillance aircraft in Northeast Asia last week, Moscow’s latest aerial saber-rattling against American ships and planes, according to defense officials.

“On April 21, a U.S. Navy P-8 Maritime Patrol reconnaissance aircraft flying a routine mission in international airspace was intercepted by a MiG-31 Russian jet in the vicinity of the Kamchatka Peninsula,” Cmdr. Dave Benham, a spokesman for the Pacific Command, told the Washington Free Beacon.

Benham said the intercept was “characterized as safe and professional.”

“Intercepts between the United States and other militaries occur often and the vast majority are professional,” he noted. “For intercepts that are deemed unprofessional, the U.S. takes appropriate measures through military and diplomatic channels.”

A defense official familiar with the MiG-31 intercept said the jet flew within 50 feet of the P-8, a maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft.

The incident took place near the Russian city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a port located on the southeastern end of the peninsula.

Kamchatka is Russia’s main military hub in the Pacific and the focus of a buildup of Russian military forces that Moscow has said is intended to match the U.S. military rebalance to Asia.

Several military bases are located there, along with a major naval base. The peninsula is also the main impact range for Russian missile flight tests launched from the central part of the country.

The latest aerial incident involving a Russian jet followed two dangerous encounters over the Baltic Sea last week.

A Russian Su-27 flew within 50 feet of an RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft on April 14 and executed a barrel roll over the surveillance plane in what the Pentagon called an “unsafe and unprofessional manner.”

Two days earlier, two Russian Su-24s buzzed the guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook, coming very close to its deck as the warship sailed in the Baltic Sea. The Pentagon protested both incidents.

On Capitol Hill, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a Senate hearing on Wednesday that the recent incidents are an indicator of “tension that has built up in Europe especially over the last couple of years since events in Crimea and Ukraine.”

On the recent buzzing of the Cook, Carter said “it is unprofessional behavior, and whether it is encouraged from the top, whether it was encouraged from higher up or not I can’t say.”

“But we do expect it to be discouraged from higher up from now on,” he added. “These pilots need to get the word, ‘Hey, knock it off. This is unprofessional. This is dangerous. This could lead somewhere.’”

Carter, appearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee, said the recent incidents were “dangerous” and could have led to a conflict, noting that “we can’t be accidentally stumbling into something.”

The P-8 flight appears to have been part of an effort to spy on Russia’s deployment of a new missile submarine at Petropavlovsk.

Adm. Harry Harris, commander of the Pacific Command, told a Senate hearing in February that Russia is building up its military in the Pacific, where Moscow’s Far East forces had declined sharply after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

“Russia continues modernizing its military forces, homeporting its newest Dolgurukiy-class ballistic missile submarine in Petropavlovsk, and revitalizing its ability to execute long-range strategic patrols, highlighted by last July’s deployment of Tu-95 Bear bombers near Alaska and California, and last month’s bomber flights around Japan,” Harris told the Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 23.

Retired Navy Capt. Jim Fanell said the close-in MiG-31 intercept is significant.

“The 50-foot closest point of approach by Russian Far East MiG-31 Foxhound interceptors to a U.S. Pacific Fleet P-8 reconnaissance flight is an indicator the Russian Navy has likely transferred their first Dolgorukiy-class SSBN to the Pacific Fleet,” Fanell said, using the acronym for ballistic missile submarine.

The new missile submarine, armed with Bulava nuclear missiles, marks a significant upgrade of Russia’s aging fleet of Delta III missile submarines.

The arrival of the first Dolgorukiy “places an additional ‘hold at risk’ tasking on the U.S. Pacific Fleet which has also had to account for the introduction of [People’s Republic of China] Navy JIN-class SSBN patrols in 2015,” Fanell said.

The need to monitor new Russian missile submarines adds to the already overloaded requirements for U.S. submarine forces.

“This clearly represents another clear and present danger to U.S. national security,” Fanell said. The “nation needs more ballistic missile and fast attack nuclear submarines, and fast.”

A Su-27 in January flew within 20 feet of an RC-135 over the Black Sea in a dangerous maneuver.

Last October, the Russians used threatening aerial maneuvers against the aircraft carrier USS Reagan in the Sea of Japan. Two Russian Tu-142 bombers made low passes near the aircraft carrier near the Korean peninsula.

Earlier, on July 4, 2015, two Tu-95 nuclear-capable bombers flew within 40 miles of the California coast prompting intercepts by U.S. jets.

Moscow also has sent Tu-95 bombers to circumnavigate the Pacific island of Guam on several occasions. The island is a major military hub and central to the U.S. military’s pivot to Asia.

The Russian navy’s Pacific Fleet conducted exercises in the Sea of Japan on April 22, a day after the P-8 was intercepted, according to a Twitter search.

Russian naval forces from Kamchatka also carried out missile and artillery fire exercises in recent days.

The military activities may have been a target of the P-8 surveillance operations.

Kill the Bloggers

Blogger is Bisbeliever

Watch Royal Canadian Air Force test an ejection seat from the back of a Dodge Ram

Any day is a good day when you can speed a Dodge Ram pickup truck down a military runway before launching a rocket-powered ejection seat into the sky.

Royal Canadian Air Force Officer Maj. Lonny Handwork did exactly that in an equipment test Thursday afternoon at the CFB Cold Lake.

"I get the honour of being behind the wheel, so I'm pretty excited about that," Handwork said during a Thursday morning interview on CBC Radio's Edmonton AM.

"It's one of the few advantages of being the project officer for this. I'm kind of the boss, so I pulled rank and I get the place of honour today."

At exactly 1:00 p.m., a high powered pickup — with an ejection seat mounted on its flatbed — hurtled down the runway at more than 140 km/h.

In a matter of seconds, the seat's rocket motors ignited, launching the seat into the air.

"The event is over pretty quickly," Handwork said. "There's an acceleration of the vehicle down the runway and there is a very loud bang."

12-second test could help upgrade existing ejection seats

Of course, the seat's occupant won't be alive; a crash test dummy of sorts will be used in the dramatic feat, and spectators will be viewing from a close, but safe distance.

"The whole event takes about 12 seconds. The dummy goes in the air on the rocket-propelled catapult, about 100 to 130 feet up into the air, depending on the day. And then the parachute system is initiated and he comes down under that," Handwork said.


Twin-seat JF-17B project launched

Pakistan and China jointly launched the manufacturing of the first prototype of JF-17B (dual seat combat fighter aircraft) at an induction ceremony held at the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (CAC), Chengdu, China. The occasion marked yet another milestone in the close co-operation during the JF-17 aircraft development between Pakistan and China, says a press release.

Air Marshal Muhammad Iqbal, Chief Project Director JF-17, Project Management Office, Pakistan Air Force, was the chief guest at the occasion. The other participants  on the occasion were President CAC, Vice President CATIC, Vice President CADI, senior representative AVIC, related Chinese personnel and PAF officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Air Marshal Muhammad Iqbal highlighted that dual seat aircraft is of great value for the Pakistan Air Force in enhancing not only training value but also the operational capability.  The induction of JF-17B aircraft would also improve its market prospects in future. He also thanked the Chinese leadership for their continuous support in the design, development and manufacturing phases of the JF-17 development project.

The Chinese leadership, while addressing on the occasion, paid tributes to the higher authorities of Pakistan Air Force for operationalising the aircraft and expressed their resolve to continue support for development work of the JF-17 project. The JF-17B dual seat aircraft is likely to make its maiden flight by the end of this year. The aircraft would be formally inducted in the PAF by April, 2017.

Fighter Jets Landing at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea

Griffin Strike 2016 - French and British navies

April 28, 2016

Bodies of the Turkish backed Jihadists killed yesterday around Ayn Daqnah, being taken to Efrîn.

Proxy War for booty

War in Syria is for Syrian women as well.

Saudis helping in the buying and selling of girls in Jordanian refugee camps.

70 year old Saudi wants max 13 year old Syrian girls.

Russia conducts first launch from Vostochny Cosmodrome

India's navigational satellite system constellation complete with IRNSS-1G launch


What is it?  
Where is it?

SAA taking out snipers in Damascus countryside with elephant rocket

Libya - Large convoy reportedly moving towards Sirte

Swedish Child Refugee forgets if he was born in 1986 or 1998


Mom forgot how old I was. So says the 29-year-old "refugee child" in explaining why he states that he is a minor

North Korea launches missile; test fails

Caramel grease for mid-range "Musudan" missile

North Korea fired a mid-range "Musudan" missile but it "seems to have failed," a South Korean Defense Ministry official says.

The missile was fired around 6:10 a.m. local time on Thursday (5.40 p.m. Wednesday ET).

The military cannot confirm exactly when the missile exploded, but that it "crashed shortly after it was launched," the official said.
The official, who was unnamed, added that further details were unavailable but that the military is in the process of investigating. It is the second ground-based Musudan launch that has failed in the last two weeks.

Free Syrian Army in Ayn Daqnah - Tell Rifaat in north Aleppo

Bodies are purposely carried out in open trucks for display and WARNING to citizens.

Islamic State - Caliphate capital city of Raqqa

"Harvest" of Spies

Orange Jump suit.

Bullet Shot to the head

Turkish armoured vehicle destroyed by PKK guerillas

Go Kurds

PAZARDZHIK, Bulgaria – European City bans the burqa

A Bulgarian city has pre-empted any potential action by the national government and instituted a French-style ‘burqa ban’, forbidding the traditional Muslim garment. Pazardzhik, population 70,000 was founded in the 15th century and was a regional administration centre during the Ottoman empire.

The move is seen by Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung as a pre-emptive move in a nation on the front line of the migrant crisis and where one tenth of citizens are ethnic Turks.

Atlantic Council - Distract Deceive Destroy


Distract Deceive Destroy
They forgot the word

Su-30MK2 jet of the Venezuelan Air Force

Migrant rapist who raped a Swedish girl in the bushes because “she begged for it”

Armenia - Russian T-90S tank (won in “Tank Biathlon”) has been delivered to Yerevan this night

Rocket attack on Syria

Who Cares About the Canadian Laws,” Says Refugee in Canada

Refugees revolt

Trump Trouncing Romney's 2012 margins by YUGE margin

Ted Cruz is finished

TORNADO and RAF Eurofighter Typhoon in action

ROK Army - K-2 Black Panther Main Battle Tanks River Fording

Turkish Civil War - Explosion in Turkey metropolis Bursa, female suicide bomber blew herself into the air

Iraqi war criminal found interning in a Finnish kindergarten

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