September 30, 2015

Chinese blasts - 6 killed, dozens injured in parcel blasts in Liucheng county, Guangxi

Terrorist attack or CCP false flag to divert attention from falling stock market and bad economy?

CCP wants to remain in power for another 60+ years.

Video made by Syrian activists allegedly shows Russian fighter jets flying over Hama today

Now, you cannot make out if it was Assad Air Force or Russian Air Force or RAF or French Air Force or USAF or RAAF that dropped the bombs.

Everybody is flying over Syria.

This was the "change" Obama man brought about.

German Navy in Baltics - Northern Coasts 2015

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't put Humpty together again

Russia has PROBABLY started Airstrikes in Syria - Ltamenah, Hama

Unconfirmed information.
Be careful of rumors and fake news.

Getting a feeling that things are about to get worst in Syria and Middle East in general.

Video of Russian aircraft

Be careful of rumors and fake news.

Latest Photographs of Japan's new Mitsubishi ATD X Shinshin stealth fighter


Things never shown on ChindiTV.


Bihar Govt school in Katihar collapses into the Ganga

Check out the man with the umbrella.

Cast their vote, but vote their caste ?

Volunteers needed Asap

Russian Il-76 transport aircraft repair and overhaul facility

Indian Navy INS Kochi

IT report with desi mirch-masala

Jungle training for Marines from India Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, arrived in Okinawa

That what makes Marines the toughest of the tough.

F-35C will resume its sea trials, this time aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on Oct. 5

The second developmental test phase of the F-35C Lightning II aircraft will begin aboard the Norfolk-based nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower on Oct. 5, a spokesman for commander, Naval Air Force Atlantic, said in a Sept. 29 announcement.

Two F-35Cs are scheduled to conduct the milestone training until Oct. 15. The testing will include day and night carrier qualifications, night operations with the Generation III Helmet Mounted Display, Delta Flight Path testing and F-35 Joint Precision Approach and Landing System testing.

The first developmental test was conducted Nov. 3, 2014, aboard USS Nimitz.

Photos of the first Mi-28NE attack helicopter for Algeria surface on the Internet

Mi-28NE attack helicopter has a tail number of 916 and is seen with a mast-mounted N025E radar.

Philippines Islamic State (ISIS) claims Gaining Ground Among Extremist Groups In Mindanao

Child soldiers

Chinese PLA Tibetian patrol

Clothesline - Satire on MSM

Beware of paid journalism.

Please support Clothesline.

NATO - Norway Upgraded CV9030 Infantry Fighting Vehicles

Islamic State Release Photos Claims Ongoing Battle In Baiji,Saladin, Iraq

What It Looks Like To Operate The MQ-1 Predator Drone

INS Kochi Set to Join Fleet Today

Kolkatta class ship and Immediate Support Vessels (ISVs) to be commissioned today

Naval warship INS Kochi, the stealth guided missile destroyers, will be commissioned today by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai.INS Kochi is the second ship of the Kolkata-class (Project 15A) Guided Missile Destroyers. The contract for three ships of Kolkata class was signed as follow-on of the legendary Delhi-class Destroyers, which were commissioned into the Navy more than a decade ago, a defence spokesperson said.

Designed by the Navy's in-house organisation, Directorate of Naval Design, and constructed by Mazagon Dock Ship builders Ltd in Mumbai, the ship is christened after the vibrant port city of Kochi.Although conceived as follow-on of the earlier Delhi class, this ship is vastly superior and has major advancements in weapons and sensors. The ship incorporates new design concepts for improved survivability, stealth, sea-keeping and manoeuvrability. (Pics)

With a displacement of 7,500 tons, the majestic ship spanning 164 metres in length and 17 metres at the beam, is propelled by four gas turbines and designed to achieve speeds in excess of 30 knots.The ship has a complement of about 40 officers and 350 sailors. The accommodation and living spaces have been designed with special emphasis on ergonomics and habitability.

Enhanced stealth features have been achieved through shaping of hull and use of radar-transparent deck fittings. A bow mounted sonar dome, the second of its kind in an indigenous naval platform, has been introduced to enhance sonar acoustic performance, the spokesperson said.INS Kochi is packed with an array of state-of-the-art weapons and sensors, with a significant indigenous component.The ship has many lethal weapons to her credit which include the successful fitment of vertically launched missile system for long distance engagement of shore and sea-based targets.The ship is one of the few warships of the world and the second in the Indian Navy to have Multi-Function Surveillance and Threat Alert Radar to provide target data to Long Range Surface to Air Missile system.

The MF STAR and LR SAM systems are jointly developed by DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. To protect against incoming air borne and surface threats, at medium and close in range, the ship has 76 mm and 30 mm gun mounts.The ship can be classified as a 'Network of Networks' as it is equipped with Ship Data Network (SDN), Combat Management System (CMS), Automatic Power Management System (APMS) and Auxiliary Control System (ACS). The SDN is the information highway on which data from all the sensors and weapons ride.

The CMS performs threat evaluation and resource allocation based on the tactical picture compiled and ammunition available onboard. While propulsion and power management is done using the APMS, remote control and monitoring of machinery is achieved through the ACS.The ship is equipped to store and operate two helicopters (Seaking 42B or Chetak). In consonance with the national vision of achieving Maritime Security through Self-Reliance, the ships have significantly higher level of indigenisation as compared to the Delhi class.

Some of the major equipment/systems developed indigenously and fitted onboard include ship's Data Network, Combat Management System, Bow Mounted Sonar, Electronic Warfare Suite, Close-in weapon System, Indigenous Rocket Launcher, Indigenous Torpedo Tube Launcher for ASW, Boat Davits and Automated Power Management System.
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