December 31, 2015

Barak 8 LRSAM launched from INS Kolkata undertaken on 29/30 Dec 2015

Huge step forward

Wicked Sucker Politician Awards for 2015

M$@#f$##r Politicians and leaders top to bottom

Bottom - Biggest
Top -Bigger of biggest 



Australian Air Force Wedgetail AWACS combat coordination over Syria and Iraq

Co ordinate combat aircraft flights with

  • Russians
  • Syrians
  • French
  • American

Sound track of WW 3

Thus it all began.

We elected stupid psychopathic leaders and in spite of public being better educated and informed were not able to stop them from calling war and history rhymed again.

It kept escalating and escalating .....

Estimate २०१७-२०२२

We need to take back their power and authority to wage wars - over and covert.

Start with that wicked weasel Obama.


British Army Live Firing Exercise 2015

Chinese PLAAF golden helmet competition pilots

WZ -10 Army Aviation helicopter air attack

Awake and aware - 1

Awake, Alert, Aware, Correct information and Action

Brother explains in more details

Iraqi Mi-28 Engages Terror Gunner In Ramadi

Super shot

Russian Mi-24P providing cover for Il-76MD at Russia-n Airbase in Syria Latakia

Dec. 29: Coalition airstrikes on Daesh main oil pump station near Dayr Az Zawr

NATO strike

Russian air strike

Islamic State is still using Nusayri and Crusader currency

What happened ?

In 2016 - Good bye Islamic State

2017-20 Welcome Saudi Arabia and Gulf Monarchies for exit

Syrian soldier lights Islamic State soldier's final smoke

Chinese PLAAF air refuelling Photos

Saudi-led coalition targeted a cave in Saada, causing death of 2 Houthi leaders (close to Abdul Malik Al Houthi)

Yemen - Rocket Attack Kills 19 Sudanese, Other Nationalities in Taiz Camp

On Wednesday evening, a number of Sudanese soldiers along with Arab and foreign mercenaries fighting alongside Saudi-led Coalition were killed by a missile attack while they were gathering near Omari Camp (Brigade 17) located between Dhubab and Bab al-Mandab in Taiz province. Speaking to the Yemen-based Khabar Agency, a field military source said that Yemeni armed forces targeted a gathering of Saudi-led Coalition whom included Sudanese troops, Arab nationals, and foreign mercenaries at the western side of Omari Camp using rocket.

2 Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists killed in encounter with Army & J&K Police in Pulwama, J&K overnight.

Islamic State "Graduation Of One Of The Sniper Courses" In Sinai

Syrian Army - AA artillery battery of 122-mm howitzer D-30 +RuAF Su-34 in Sheikh Miskin

Commander Lahore corps. Lt Gen Sadiq Ali visitng the exercise area near Chunian

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