March 31, 2016

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Indian Shipbuilder Undergoing Post-Qualification for Philippine Navy’s 2 Frigates

The Philippine Navy may soon operate two brand-new Indian made frigates. This is after Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo said that an Indian government-owned shipbuilder Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers is currently undergoing post-qualification process.

Manalo is responsible for Department of National Defense finance, munition, materiel and modernization.

In February, DND released a document informing prospective bidders of changes in the bidding documents including the Technical Specifications of the Frigate Acquisition Program for Philippine Navy.

According to the said document, the Philippine government is acquiring two (2) Frigates with design that the Philippine Navy can have ownership or license to manufacture/build in future. The revised technical specification also stipulated that the frigates should be at least 92 meters long and have a displacement of at least 2000 tons.

The frigates should also be able to accommodate a 12-ton helicopter (from 10-ton) at flight deck, and should also have a hangar for a 10-ton helicopter.

Six firms including Navantia Sepi of Spain, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding of South Korea, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. of South Korea, Hyundai Heavy Industries Inc. of South Korea, Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. of India, and STX France SA previously qualified in the 2013 first stage bidding.

Meanwhile, DND and AgustaWestland signed Tuesday the contract that will provide Philippine Navy with two anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopters. These helicopters will be on-board component of frigates being acquired.

Two missile-armed frigates and ASW helicopters together with amphibious assault vehicles, two long-range patrol aircraft, six close-air support aircraft, munition for the brand-new FA-50PH jet fighters and surveillance radars are projects approved by President Aquino to be under “multi-year contract”. These projects will be financed until 2018

Lockheed Martin Begins Testing and Integration on the RAN's First Aegis-equipped Hobart Class Destroyer

Lockheed Martin’s Integrated Test Team (ITT) begins Aegis combat system integration and testing aboard the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) first Aegis-equipped Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD), HOBART.

The Aegis Combat System testing will be facilitated by Lockheed Martin engineers and technicians who are responsible for testing the Aegis Combat System to ensure the equipment is properly installed and functional.

“The Lockheed Martin team has successfully brought Aegis to life,” said Rob Milligan, Lockheed Martin Australia, surface ships program lead. “Our team is dedicated to ensuring the successful delivery of HOBART’s Aegis capability to the Royal Australian Navy.”

Lockheed Martin anticipated the need for the future Australian domestic sustainment of Aegis on AWD several years prior to this event.  Lockheed Martin used internal funds to develop specialist skills in the Aegis Combat System for our Australian AWD Program workforce.  “We strengthened the AWD test team which now includes experienced Lockheed Martin engineers and technicians from both Australia and the U.S. to conduct the Aegis combat systems integration,” Milligan added.

The Hobart-class destroyers are being built under Australia’s SEA 4000 program, which will ultimately deliver three advanced multirole ships. These ships will be Australia’s first ships to be equipped with Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Weapon System including the SPY-1D(V) radar. When paired with the MK 41 Vertical Launching System, Aegis is capable of delivering missiles for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare. The RAN has received the Lockheed Martin Aegis Baseline 8 configuration, which integrates commercial-off-the-shelf technology and open architecture into the combat system.

“This milestone is a significant step towards an increase in the Royal Australian Navy’s maritime security capabilities through the seamless integration of the Aegis combat system to defend against advanced air, surface and subsurface threats,” said Commodore Craig Bourke, CSC, RAN Program Manager Air Warfare Destroyer “With more than 100 Aegis-equipped ships deployed worldwide, Australia is joining a family of allied nations that continues to push the boundaries of innovation with adaptable and affordable capabilities that meet the warfighter’s multi-mission needs.”

Lockheed Martin is the Aegis Combat Systems Integrator and engineering agent for the U.S. Navy Aegis destroyers and cruisers, Australian Air Warfare Destroyers, as well as a range of other international customers for both new construction and modernisations.  Lockheed Martin also provides the combat system engineering, integration and test for the U.S. Navy’s future frigate and Freedom class Littoral Combat Ship programs.

With more than 40 years of significant investment by the U.S. Navy and its allies, the Aegis Combat System is used globally by five navies, across seven ship classes. Lockheed Martin is the trusted Aegis Combat Systems Integration partner to governments around the world, enabling mission ready, combat capable ships affordably and timely to the fleet.

In the News -31-03-2016

Same but disguised in a suit

Remains of 36 Korean War Martyrs returned to China

Up to 1.5 million communist forces are thought to have died in the 1950-1953 Korean War.
About 30,000 US, 400,000 South Korean, and 1,000 UK troops, among others, also died, as well as at least two million civilian.

Tens of thousands more are listed as missing and both Koreas still conduct searches for soldiers' remains, periodically returning the foreign soldier's remains.

The remains of nearly 800 North Korean soldiers, however, have not been returned, such is the animosity between Seoul and Pyongyang, our correspondent says.

The Korean War ended with an armistice agreement. A formal peace treaty has never been signed and the two Koreas remain technically at war

Europe today

Lefty 'Liberal'

North Korea Telling Citizens To Eat Grass

Strange similarity
Pakistan also told citizens to eat grass to develop nuclear weapons

DefExpo 2016 Defense Exhibition India Goa military - 1,000+ national and international companies

Russian IL-76 drops "humanitarian aid" on near Deir Ezzor

Royal Netherlands Army Latest

43 Mechanized Brigade

13th Mechanized Brigade

11 Airmobile Brigade

Commando Corps

Russian Knights

India to test Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle in December this year

Russian sappers depart for Palmyra demining mission

Islamic State Propagandist Distributed Graphics Inciting BrusselsAttacks Style Attack In GERMANY

Well done European politicians

How the WEST is destroying ITSELF

2017 will be the CHAOS year. Wait and watch.

LEFT Socialist Politicians and govt officials are hell bent on finishing off WESTERN Civilization by suicide tactics

Criminals and Rapists are given police protection.

Nigeria - Troops Clear Boko Haram From Bolungu & Gare Villages, Attackers Killed

Bharat Electronics Ltd. BEL pavilion at Defexpo 2016, Goa

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