December 23, 2016

Bangladesh Navy Type 035G-class submarines - Ming-class arrive from China

Two newly-acquired submarines have reached Chittagong on Thursday evening.

A Chittagong port official told the Dhaka Tribune the two submarines were carried by a Chinese heavy-lift ship docked at Chittagong Container Terminal-1 at 5:30pm.

The Type 035G-class submarines, BNS Nabajatra and BNS Joyjatra, were assembled at Chinese state-owned Liaonan shipyard in the Dalian state of China.
Bangladesh paid a reported $203m for the two submarines, a deal that reflects the country’s growing economic and defence ties with Beijing.
The primary weaponry for Type 035G is the Yu-3 torpedo. It uses French-made sonar DUUX-5 unit. The 035G-class is also renowned for its anti-submarine weapon capabilities.
They were built with further improvements, especially in terms of noise reduction, weapons, sensors and crew living standards.

The Type 035G is frequently used for coastal patrols. Bangladesh has about 118,813 sq km of maritime territory, much of it won in disputes with India and Myanmar.

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