October 3, 2017

Simple Upgrades Bring Strength to Vietnam's PT-76

The PT-76 light tank of Vietnam with a laser rangefinder attached to the main gun (photo : BaoDatViet)

PT-76 amphibious tanks are still in great numbers in the armored and armored units as well as naval forces in Vietnam.

Although still believed and used in a good way, the PT-76 is unlikely to meet all the requirements of the war. Modern in terms of mobility, level of protection, and especially firepower, so the need for upgrades has become imperative.

As the manufacturer's position, the Russian defense industry has made several modifications to the PT-76 light tank modernization, focusing on replacing the 76 mm D-56T main gun mm by 57 mm automatic cannon.

One of the most believable designs is the AU-220M Turret, thanks to the modular construction that easily integrates into the PT-76 chassis while not having to change the layout too much.

But another issue that arises with the AU-220M turret is that its cost is greater than the tank itself, which does not take advantage of the 76 mm bullets that are still present in the repositories. Moreover, the maneuverability and protection of the armor has not changed.

Similar equipment has been deployed on the T-55M3 main battle tank upgrade package of Vietnam (photo : BaoDatViet)

Due to the end of life, prepared to be replaced by a more modern one, so in the next few steps, it should be possible to upgrade slightly so that the PT-76 can better meet the requirements of the task.

The simplest solution was to equip the PT-76 with a "box" similar to that of the upgraded T-54/55 tank, camera in the car.

The simple, inexpensive way to take advantage of the survivability of 76 mm mortars while providing outstanding combat capability for the PT-76.

More importantly, the device is Vietnam's master of production technology, will save a lot of foreign currency compared to buying from abroad, and we also own the process of upgrading 100%, thereby keeping The absolute secret of the effect.

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