October 10, 2017

Two Molniya M5 and M6 Handed Over to the Vietnam Navy

Yesterday morning (October 9), two Molniya missile ships bearing the names of 382 and 383 were handed over by the Ba Son Company to the 167th Brigade, Command Area 2 Naval.

These are two of the six Molniya fast-attack missile boats built at the Ba Son Corporation under the General Administration of Defense (defense ministry), under the first six-pack contract between the General Administration of Defense Industry and the Marine Corps. Navy (QCHQ).

Since 2009, Ba Son Corporation undertook the construction of a series of six Project 12418 Molniya class missile boats for the Vietnamese Navy based on technology transfer contracts from Russian partners.

Previously, Ba Son Corporation completed the construction of six Molniya Project 12418 missiles in the country with the support of technology transfer from the Russian plant Vympel. This production is part of a $ 1 billion package for the supply, delivery and technology transfer of eight Molniya missiles to the Vietnamese Navy, two built in Russia and six to be built. in Viet Nam. The last pair in Vietnam of this contract was launched on 14/4/2016.

At present, the 3rd Marine Gepard missile of Vietnam Navy is on the way home after leaving Port of Novorossiysk on 8/9, and is expected to arrive in Vietnam in the middle of this month. The fourth Gepard, the last of the four Gepards ordered by the Vietnamese Navy from Russia, will also be handed over to the Zelenodolsk shipyard in November.

With the completion of the six battleship fleet of Molniya attack missiles and four Gepard missile defense ships this year, the Vietnamese Navy initially completed the construction of its most modern water surface combat fleet in Southeast Asia.

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