October 19, 2017

Vietnam Built Mi-8 Simulation Cockpit

The Mi-8 helicopter flight training system is currently being equipped for a number of PK-KQ units, including the 930th Regiment (Division 372).

The screen shots show the simulation parameters of the training system. With multiple displays and software support, training officers and pilots can easily customize the display, allowing you to display the parameters as you like.

The simulated flight simulator also uses a joystick similar to a real-life helicopter. With this simulation system, the training officers can construct a hypothetical scenario where several aircraft parts are experiencing trouble so that students and pilots can learn how to cope with the problem while flying.

Flight simulators can help trainers assess the capabilities of trainees and pilots before they can perform training exercises well on real Mi-8 helicopters.

The Mi-8 is a legendary helicopter design developed by the Mil Moscow (Soviet Union) in the 1960s, manufactured directly by today's two factories, Kazan and Ulan-Ude. This is considered one of the most production helicopters in the world (more than 17,000), most commonly used (in about 80 countries, territories).

The Mi-8 multi-purpose transport helicopter has been in service with the Vietnam People's Air Force since 1973. It has served effectively in the final stages of the American war, and especially in the border war. South Korea 1978-1979, campaigns to help Cambodian people escape genocide.

Mi-8 is still one of the main helicopters of the Vietnam Air Force, doing many tasks from transport, fighting to search rescue and rescue. The picture is a Mi-8 of the 930th Helicopter Regiment.

The 930th Infantry Division (372th Division) was tasked with reconnaissance and military transport in the Central Highlands and the southern part of the Gulf of Tonkin. In addition, the regiment also has a flying role in serving high-level leaders, training officers, participating in disaster search and combat operations.

The 930 is currently equipped with many modern aircraft, but the Mi-8/17 helicopters are capable of a variety of missions including combat.

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