November 29, 2017

RTAF is Deploying the Indigenous-Developed U-1 UAV

RTAF put the full system of RTAF U-1 on display at Defense and Security 2017. Overall configuration is resembled the R V Connex's Sky Scout configuration with some notable different such as winglet. RTAF ordered 17 U-1 from the assemble-partner R V Connex

The ground control station will be built from the second-hand container. Design by R V Connex, the station features 3 consoles as well as directional and omnidirectional antenna.

RTAF also put forward the research and development of Tigershark - now a technology demonstration platform - into the last step of its 20 years UAV development master plan that will include the study in the armed variant of the UAV before moving into the development of MALE UAV.

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