December 8, 2017

Poland to Build Search and Rescue Ships for Vietnam

Polish President Andrzej Duda and Vietnamese President Chiang Dai Kuang signed a framework loan agreement in Hanoi on the construction of six search and rescue ships.

The ships will be used for search and rescue operations at sea.

According to Jane's Navy International, the project, estimated at 200 million euros ($ 237 million), will be implemented under the leadership of Cenzin, a member of the Polish Armaments Group PGZ (Polish Armaments Group).

In accordance with the terms of the contract, the Gdansk company Remontowa Shipbuilding will build the first two ships. The remaining four will be built in Vietnam. Poland will ensure the transfer of technology and equipment kits.

According to Cenzin, the contract is expected to be signed in the coming months, and the construction of the first ship will begin in 2018. The project should be implemented within four years.

The construction of search and rescue ships will be the second project of the Polish company in Vietnam (now Cenzin is working on the creation of a research infrastructure for the Vietnamese Maritime University in Haiphong).

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