June 18, 2018

Dassault - Falcon 8X Rafale and Neuron

Tank Challenge 2018 - Leopard 2, T-84 Oplot, Challenger 2, Leclerc, M1 Arams Show Their Skills

1st Cavalry Division M1 Abrams Tanks

Montenegrin Aérospatiale Gazelle Flight

Prime Minister Churchill watches an assault against enemy positions north of Florence, Italy

June 17, 2018

HMS DEFENDER Fires PHALANX Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)

Philippine Navy to test-fire Spike-ER next month

Head of the Philippine Navy, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad, told radio DWDD on Jun. 13 that his men will conduct the first test-fire of the Spike-ER next month.

JMSDF willing to transfer more TC-90s to Philippines

The head of Philippine Navy, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad, says the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) has indicated that it is willing to transfer more TC-90 aircraft to Manila.

German signalmen under artillery fire, Soviet Union spring 1942

A soldier poses next to one of the German coastal guns captured by the Canadians at Cap Gris Nez, 1 October 1944

Ordnance Loading MK-82 500lb Bombs On F-16 Fighting Falcon

RC-135 Aerial Refueling

German Army Ferrying AFVs Across the Weser River

June 15, 2018

WWII --- U.S. soldiers with tank support

Jet Powered Micro Scooter

Bushmaster MR6 Makes a Stop at Eurosatory

A Day at Eurosatory with Thales Ep. 4 - Combat

Rheinmetall Defence - Impressions Of Eurosatory 2018

IAI ROTEM Demonstration

Colorado ANG F-16 Fighting Falcons at Ämari Air Base, Estonia

AH-64 Apache Night Time Operations

NASA Prepares to Fly a Large Unmanned Aircraft in Public Airspace Without Chase Plane for First Time

June 14, 2018

Vietnamese Navy P-15 Termit Missile in service for 40 years

PL-10 on China's J-20 stealth fighters

American soldiers examine the Maginot Line in 1944

OmegA - Northrop Grumman’s New Large Class Rocket

Thailand to shop for AH-1F replacement

The Thai Army plans to shop for a new helicopter to replace its aging AH-1F attack helicopter, Maj. Gen. Weerayuth Intaworn, the director of the Army Aviation Centre (AAC), disclosed on Jun. 12.

AgilePod has flown on MQ-9 for three times

The U.S. Air Force’s AgilePod has been flown on the MQ-9 unmanned aerial vehicle for three times.

Mi-8s and Mi-24s from Russia’s Baltic Sea Fleet participate in firing drills

Indian Air Force SPYDER Surface-to-Air Missile Missile System firing a Python-5 missile from a TATA LPTA 2038

A rare shot of Bismarck. probably in Grimstad Fjord Norway

US Marines in a landing craft head towards Iwo Jima, Japan

Rheinmetall Defence - Lynx KF41 35mm Next Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle

CMI Defence 30mm 105mm configurations Cockerill 3000 Series turret at Eurosatory 2018

Streit Group at Eurosatory 2018 Python-SUT Gepard-ASV SHERP Python LAMV TRITON-G810

(Saber Strike)/Street fights in Latvia

AH-64 Apache Helicopter Forward Refueling

June 13, 2018

Malabar 2018 exercise heads to sea off Guam

Embraer KC390 - Paratroopers Airdrop Operational Certification

Rheinmetall – Impressions of Eurosatory 2018

DRDO - India Tejas Light Combat Aircraft

Finnish Midnight Hawks 360° video, cockpit view with sound

Eurosatory 2018 Rafael defense Company from Israel unveils new military equipment and technologies

Domestically produced JL9 "Ying Ying" trainers debut live combat training

French Air Force Mirage 2000-5 fighters (Baltic air-policing mission) participate in the annual Swedish Air Force Exercise with Swedish JAS 39C Gripen fighters

German Panther tanks from the Panzer Lehr Division assembled near the city of Caen, June 1944

Israeli Navy exercise at sea aboard the INS Eilat

A British Sherman tank of the Royal Hussars in action near a crashed glider at Ranville, June 1944

Saab’s new adjustable camouflage announced

Saab is proud to present the new Barracuda Adjustable Mobile Camouflage System (MCS), the world-leading camouflage designed for vehicles. One set of Adjustable MCS gives a choice of concealment patterns and so helps troops to remain undiscovered amongst different terrain.

The new Barracuda Adjustable Mobile Camouflage System is designed to operate in more than one environment. The platform integrated system is made out of panels and is known as a “uniform” because it is tailored to the vehicle. Some of the panels are adjustable and include other colours. A woodland system can quickly be more urban by changing light green to grey. A winter uniform can be adjusted to spring or deep foliage by changing some panels to green and brown.

“The new Adjustable MCS is developed to meet the requirements from modern, fast moving maneuver forces that operate in contested domains and are quickly changing terrain. From rural to urban in the same day,” says Görgen Johansson head of Saab’s business area Dynamics.

Barracuda’s advanced camouflage technology products have already been exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Saab offers a unique package of tailor-made camouflage systems and force protection solutions that decrease the enemy’s ability to detect and engage. These solutions protect personnel, vehicles and base infrastructure against hostile sensors and enemy target acquisition.

Barracuda camouflage solutions offer multispectral protection. Everything from ultra-violet, visual, near infrared, short wave infrared to thermal sensors and radar. Built-in thermal radiation protection reduces the operating temperature inside vehicles and increases crew comfort, firing accuracy, and fuel efficiency.

June 12, 2018

Pakistan: Six injured in Quetta helicopter crash

Quetta: At least six people were injured after a helicopter crashed near the Eastern bypass in Balochistan's capital city of Quetta in Pakistan

The injured have been taken to the Combined Military Hospital, Geo TV reported quoting Quetta Deputy Inspector General (DIG).

The reason for the crash is yet to be ascertained.

Malabar 2018 successfully underway in Guam between Indian Navy, US Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

Second twin seater prototype of Sino-Pakistani JF-17

Rescue teams of the German Bundeswehr in Afghanistan - rescue exercise

Who Has The Best Tankies In Europe? | Forces TV

Marine Corps Tactical Tuesday- Cold weather RFI

Israeli partnership develops Rampage stand-off missile

IMI Systems (formerly Israel Military Industries) and Israel Aerospace Industries have jointly developed a new long-range precision strike weapon suitable for use during stand-off-range attacks.

Named Rampage, the supersonic weapon is 4.7m (15.4ft) long and has a total weight of 570kg (1,250lb). Its rocket and warhead performance and navigation suite enable the design to be deployed against high-value, well-protected targets with "utmost precision", the companies say.Suitable for carriage by a broad range of aircraft types, including the Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter, the Rampage missile will be released from outside an area protected by air-defence systems.

Potential targets include command and control sites, communication facilities, air bases, maintenance centres and critical infrastructure, the companies say.

Azerbaijan displays its Polonaise MLRS and Israeli-made LORA missile

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev is visiting another military base in the country and this time its the headquarters of the missile troops.

Russian Military transport aviation in the Tver region

Closeups of Leopard 2A6 at Strong Europe Tank Challenge

Eurosatory 2018: Introducing Texelis technological breaktroughs in axles and drivelines

B-1B Bombers Deploying Navy Quickstrike Mines - RAF Fairford

2nd Cavalry Convoy German-Czech Border

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