December 10, 2018

Israeli Air Force announces development of next generation of guided bombs

Historic day in Australian aviation: first two F-35A Joint Strike Fighters arrive at RAAF Base Williamtown

Indian Navy to induct its first Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) tomorrow

Philippine to buy Black Hawks and T129s

Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has confirmed that Manila will be buying the T129 attack helicopter.

Japan to re-designate Izumo-class as multi-purpose operation destroyer

Japanese politicians have decided that the Izumo-class helicopter destroyer will be re-designated as multi-purpose operation destroyer.

Russia has decided not to export Bal-E to Azerbaijan

Kommersant has found out that Russia has reversed its decision to sell its Bal-E coastal mobile anti-ship missile system to Azerbaijan due to concerns from its own military.

Japan sending more JASDF aircraft to Pacific island nations

The Yomiuri Shimbun says Japan intends to send more Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) planes to Pacific island nations to promote exchanges with locals in those countries.

The first fleet aviators to be AR qualified on the E-2D

The first E-2D fleet aviators to be qualified for aerial refueling completed their training on Dec. 3.

Japan may export J/FPS-3 air defense radar to Philippines

According to Nikkei Asia Review, Japan has approach the Philippines on exporting the J/FPS-3 air defense radar to the island nation.

December 8, 2018

Shining Sword' Western Naval Command

December 7, 2018

Without The Maintainers • The Aircraft Won't Fly

Japan’s LDP working team has agreed to replace 99 F-15s with F-35s

Mainichi reports that a working team from Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and its junior coalition partner Komeito have agreed in principal to a plan to replace 99 F-15s with the F-35.

Duterte names new Philippine Air Force chief

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has named Lt. Gen. Rozzano Briguez as the new chief of the Philippine Air Force.

Couple of CH53 super Stallion during aerial refueling from C130

Global Patriot Solutions

Navy Conducts Unprecedented Flyover for President George H.W. Bush

The DIY Rocketeer Building SpaceX Replicas of Self-Landing Rockets

December 4, 2018

USAF strike on the Pakistan Taliban camp in Helmand

First Guardian Class Patrol Boat Gifted to PNG

In a boost to security in the Pacific the first Guardian class patrol boat has been handed over to our nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea.

Minister for Defence, the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, and Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Steven Ciobo MP, said it’s the first of four new boats to be gifted to PNG as part of the Pacific Patrol Boat Replacement project.

Minister Pyne said the first boat will be commissioned HMPNGS Ted Diro on return to PNG and is named after the first Commander of the PNG Defence Force post-independence.

“The Ted Diro is the first of 21 Guardian class patrol boats to be gifted to 12 Pacific Island Countries and Timor-Leste,” Minister Pyne said.

“The Ted Diro handover marks the start of the maritime element of the Morrison Government’s commitment to the new Pacific Maritime Security Program.”“The new vessels replace the current Pacific Patrol Boats, operated by 12 participating nations, and will provide each nation with enhanced abilities to conduct maritime surveillance and law enforcement operations.”

Minister Ciobo said the new 39.5 metre steel hulled patrol boats are designed and built by Austal in Western Australia.

“The project is worth over $350 million and Austal estimates it supports around 400 direct and indirect jobs,” said Minister Ciobo.

The next vessel will be gifted to Tuvalu in April 2019 and the last will go to Timor-Leste in October 2023.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in this project and we look forward to more boats being handed over.”

China's 3rd Aircraft Carrier under Construction, to be Equipped with New Technologies

China's third aircraft carrier is now under construction, the Xinhua News Agency said via its WeChat public account on early Sunday, with Chinese military experts saying on Monday that the warship is expected to be launched in two and a half years.

China's new type of aircraft carrier is being built on berth, the Xinhua News Agency reported on early Sunday, in a story to mark the sixth anniversary of the first takeoff and landing of the J-15 fighter jet on China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning.

It was the first official report of the national news agency.

Wang Yunfei, a naval expert and retired PLA Navy officer, told the Global Times on Monday that the report shows that construction has now begun and in its early stage, where different parts of the carrier are being built on berths.

After the parts are built, they will be assembled to form the entire vessel, which is an efficient way to build a large ship like an aircraft carrier, Wang said.

The new aircraft carrier might need about two and a half years to be launched because of its bigger size, Wang said, noting that the construction of the Type 001A, China's second aircraft carrier, was faster because it was based on the Liaoning. The third carrier, however, uses very new technologies and has no reference, he said.

There is speculation that the construction is taking place at the Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard, as several photos have recently emerged on Chinese social media.

In June, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, manufacturer of China's previous two aircraft carriers, released a photo featuring a third carrier with a flat deck, leading Chinese military observers to speculate it would be installed with an electromagnetic catapult.

The Liaoning and the Type 001A have jump-rack decks and use no catapult.

Li Jie, a Beijing-based naval expert, told the Global Times on Monday that the words "new type" mentioned in the Xinhua report again indicated the third aircraft carrier will be equipped with a catapult system.

The entire arrangement on the flight deck as well as the superstructure will be very different, too, Li said.

A third aircraft carrier will significantly boost the People's Liberation Army Navy's capabilities, experts said.

The Ministry of National Defense has yet to confirm on the building of the third aircraft carrier. However, the ministry's spokespersons said in routine press conferences in May and June that China will put the overall situation of the country into consideration when it comes to China's future plans with aircraft carriers.

Indonesian Army Marine Corps Commander visits Rondo Island which borders India

Dispen Kormar (Sabang). Commander of the Marine Corps (Dankormar) Maj. Gen. TNI (Mar) Bambang Suswantono, SH, MH, M.Tr (Han) visited the island of Rondo, one of the outermost islands in the Aceh region located on the western tip of Indonesia, Thursday (11/29/2018) .

The visit of the number one person in the ranks of the Marine Corps was to find out closely the condition of dozens of Navy and Indonesian Army Marine Corps soldiers who were carrying out their duties to guard the uninhabited outer island bordering this Indian island of Nicobar.

Rondo Island with an area of ​​0.4 square kilometers includes the Sukakarya District area, Sabang City, which is about 15 nautical miles from Sabang City. The island is now guarded and secured by dozens of TNI soldiers from the Marine Island Task Force (Satgas Puter) of the Marines of Pasmar 1 Jakarta and the National Army Security Guard (Pamtas) Task Force from Battalion 116 / GS.

During his visit, Dankormar had the opportunity to check the condition of the barracks, armory, post, kitchen and bathroom soldiers before finally giving directions. In his direction, Dankormar asked all soldiers to carry out their duties with enthusiasm and full responsibility.

"Those of you who are in charge here are the front guard of the nation who guard the sovereignty of the NKRI. To that end, carry out this very noble state's duty well and responsibly, "Dankormar ordered the soldiers who had long left the family to protect the outer regions of Indonesia.

Participating in the Dankormar group, Pasmar Commander 1 TNI Brigadier (Mar) Nur Alamsyah, M.Tr (Han), Asops Dankormar Colonel Mar Y. Rudy Sulistyanto and Kadispen Kormar Lieutenant Colonel Ali Sumbogo, S.E, M.M.

OPV-522 HTMS Trang was Launched

Royal Thai Navy OPV-552 HTMS Trang second Krabi class Offshore Patrol Vessel was exits from dry dock for Setting to work at Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard Sattahip Chonburi, November 2018.

HMS Trang, out of dry dock Mahidol Adulyadej Naval Dockyard to set up the system (Setting to work).The progress of the project to build Offshore patrol vessel, the second vessel is Trang, after the color and bring water to dry to leaks testing and floating it.

Setting to work, which is understood not to be a Harbor Acceptance Test (HAT), because the ship is still unfinished and requires more work, which takes more time. The ship is completed.

By now, the HMS Trang has not been color coded (552) and the ship's nameplate. So, the official launch of the boat and the follow-up ceremony will not happen soon.

RNZAF Tests Capability with Bomb Drops on Weapons Range

A Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 drops a bomb on Kaipara Air Weapons Range (all photos : RNZAF)

For the past week a Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) aircraft has been dropping bombs on the remote Kaipara Air Weapons Range, in an exercise designed to ensure RNZAF personnel remain proficient in anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare.

During the training 14 bombs, each weighing 500 pounds, were dropped on the range, at the north-west end of South Head on Kaipara Harbour, from a P-3K2 Orion aircraft. They had been prepared and loaded on to the aircraft by RNZAF armourers at Base Ohakea in Manawatu.

Crews from RNZAF Base Auckland’s №5 Squadron, armourers, maintainers and explosive ordnance personnel were also involved in an exercise.

The training also helped the explosive ordnance personnel, who were there to explode any bombs that did not detonate, he said.

“Every training we have, there are a small percentage of weapons that don’t explode. We’ve got contingency procedures for that, where we get personnel in there, find the weapon and dispose of it appropriately.”

The exercise was another reason there was a public ban from the range at all times, Squadron Leader Chadwick said.

“The explosions were quite significant.”

Russia Offer Various Weapons to PHL with US$ 2 billion State Credit

The Russian Federation has officially offered the Philippines a military hardware that is too good to refuse. While still in wraps for now, Malacanang sources disclosed this equipment to be a submarine (pair of Project 636 Improved Kilo class), squadron of MRF jets (Su-30SME/35), and missile defense batteries (Pantsir S-1/Buk M-2) to be financed by loan grant to as much as US$2 billion.

If all taken, that is ₱110 billion-off the ₱300 billion revised AFP modernization program second horizon budget.The acquisition of submarines was originally planned for the third horizon (2023-2028). But the current navy chief, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad, lobbied for the immediate inclusion of diesel-electric submarines in horizon two.

Russian state-run Rosoboronexport attended the Asian Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference, ADAS 2018 in Manila Philippines last September 28 showcasing for the Philippine Air Force Su-35 and Su-30SME super-maneuverable multifunctional fighters, the Yak-130 training and combat training aircraft, the Mi-35M transport/combat helicopter, Ka-226T light multi-purpose helicopter and the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile/gun system and the Igla-S MANPADS.

It also exhibited small arms like the AK-100 family of Kalashnikov assault rifles and armored vehicles, for example, the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle and BT-3F armored personnel carrier for the Philippine Army. While for the Navy, the Project 636 large diesel-electric submarine, Gepard-3.9 class frigate and boats for various purposes are on display at the Company’s stand.

Russia said they are working on workable payment schemes with the Philippines to pay for the products that they intend to order as its State-run company is prevented from using US dollars under Section 231 of the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act of 2017 (CAATSA). CAATSA provides prohibition upon foreign exchange transactions under U.S. jurisdiction and transactions with the U.S. financial system.Rosoboronexport General Director Alexander Mikheyev who met with President Duterte confirmed the restriction and said the company would focus on conducting transactions in the currency of a customer instead of US dollars.

Mikheyev said it had examined a number of ways to work around US sanctions against the company and was now considering the possibilities of working in non-US currencies.

F-16 pilot who bombed Syria’s nuclear facility runs civilian F-16 simulator in Israel

A former Israeli F-16 who participated in Operation Outside the Box – the bombing of a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria – has started a civilian F-16 simulator center in Cinema City Glilot near Herzilya, Israel.

Chinse FD-2000 air defense system in Uzbekistan

December 3, 2018

Greek navy exercises

French helicopters in Mali combat zone

Exercise CRUZEX 2018 ends

A multinational air combat exercise CRUZEX VII in Brazil has ended on Nov. 30. The U.S. Air Force dispatched aircraft and airmen from the Texas, Washington Air National Guard for the exercise.

Turkey needs to find a new engine for Pakistan’s T129 order

Pakistan’s bid to buy the T129 attack helicopter from Turkey has run into a roadblock after the U.S. government refused to grant an export license for the rotorcraft’s LHTEC T800 turboshaft engine.

Russia activates fourth S-400 division in Crimea

Russia has declared that a fourth S-400 air defense missile system in now operational in the town of Dzhankoy in Crimea.

S-400 test-firing at Kapustin Yar training ground

India to donate 6 HJT-16 Kiran jets to Myanmar

New reports from India says New Delhi has decided to donate six of its HJT-16 Kiran jet trainers to Myanmar.

Watch USAF F-15s arriving in India for Cope India 2018

The U.S. Air Force has once again deployed its assets to India for a joint exercise with the Indian Air Force.

Pakistan Army supported senior Taliban commander among 29 others killed in Helmand drone strike

A senior Taliban commander and two of his deputy commanders were among 27 others killed in a joint operation by Afghan and US Special Forces at the Sargardan Chowk in Orgon Bazaar of Helmand province, Afghanistan on Saturday night, Afghan officials confirmed on Sunday.

“Mullah Muhammad Rahim Akhand alias Maulvi Manan, who was in charge of Helmand province for the insurgent group, was killed along with 29 others by an air strike while he was meeting local commanders and fighters in the Nawzad district,” said Helmand Governor Mohammad Yasin Khan.

The two deputy commanders were identified as Hafiz Rashid and Mullah Javed.“I don’t have complete information related to the martyrdom of Maulvi Manan so I cannot comment at the moment,” said Afghan Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid.

However, some circles of the Afghan Taliban confirmed that Manan was killed in the drone strike. “Maulvi Manan, shadow governor of Helmand province, came under a drone strike in Nawzad district last night … his vehicle was hit,” said the statement. “He was critically injured and expired today [Sunday] … Janaza [funeral] is in process.”

Maulvi Manan became the top ranking commander of the Afghan Taliban after Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansoor was killed in an attack while travelling from Iran to Quetta in May 2016.

Mullah Mansoor was the acting head of the Taliban on behalf of its founder Mullah Mohammad Omar, who died in April 2013.

The death of Manan, who commanded Taliban fighters as they steadily increased their control over Helmand in the years following the end of most international combat missions in 2014, was seen as a major success by Afghan officials. “He was the most senior Taliban commander in the south and his death will have an overall impact on security,” one senior security official in Kabul said.

Manan, who was considered a symbol of terror in Afghanistan, belonged to the Pashtun tribe Ishaqzai. He was famous for his anti-Pakistan sentiments after being released from a Pakistani prison where he spent four years. It is said that he and his family members were tortured during confinement.

He was among those Afghan Taliban who opposed the proposal of fencing the Pakistan-Afghan border. He had launched attacks on Pakistani security forces busy in fencing the border.

The report of Manan’s death comes as both the Western-backed security forces and the Taliban have pushed to gain the momentum at the same time as efforts have been stepped up to find a peaceful settlement to end the 17-year war in Afghanistan. Although contacts have started between US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and Taliban representatives, there has been no let-up in the fighting, with both sides aiming to build a favourable position in advance of any peace talks.

Harrier on vertical takeoff

Chongqing 98th Brigade open day, J-16 fires flares

December 2, 2018

RAAF’s F-35s are on their way home

The Royal Australian Air Force are sending two F-35As permanently home from Luke Air Force Base this week.

November 29, 2018

Russia has completed the delivery of 24 Su-35s to China

Interfax has reported that Russia has delivered all 24 Su-35 fighters ordered by China. The contract was signed in 2015.

Watch the rollout of the first Il-112 prototype

Russia moving Bal coastal anti-ship missile systems to Crimean city of Kerch

Following the recent sea clash between Russia and Ukraine. A convoy of Bal coastal anti-ship missile systems were seen on the road towards the Crimean city of Kerch.

U.S. Navy to commission guided-missile destroyer Thomas Hudner

Beautiful Art

British Sherman tanks of 3rd County of London Yeomanry assemble at Sword Beach, Normandy, June 1944

Pakistan’s anti-terror demonstration by SSG goes wrong

Russia shows off military might with training video

French, UK and US Fighters Launch From The United Kingdom

F-16 Aggressors Nellis AFB

November 28, 2018

Qatar to acquire NASAMS ground-based air defense system


Navantia Launches New Tanker Ship for the Royal Australian Navy

Navantia has launched on November, 23 the first AOR (auxiliary oiler replenishment) ”Nuship Supply” of a series of two, for the Royal Australian Navy, according to contract signed in May 2016.

The ceremony was held at the Ferrol facilities at 4:15 pm coinciding with the high tide, and has counted with the attendance of Mrs. Jenny Barrett, as the godmother of the ship, the president of Navantia, Susana de Sarriรก, the Ambassador of Australia to Spain, Julie-Ann Guivarra, and the Royal Australian Navy Chief of Navy, VA MJ Noonan.

The president of Navantia was grateful to the Australian Navy for the confidence deposited in the Company that once again has demonstrated the aptitude to design and build the products and services for the most competitive markets, in time and quality. She added that launching a new ship, means that Navantia shows, once again, an enormous potential and with the upcoming Strategic Plan and the F110 frigates, will guarantee supporting these capacities in the future.

The two ships are based on the Spanish Navy ship “Cantabria” which will be tailored to fulfil specific Australian standards and requirements. The agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia also includes the sustainment of the two AOR ships for a period of five years.

This contract means a workforce of 3 million hours for this area, as well as 35,000 hours for the Cartagena shipyard derived from the engines, and 35,000 for Navantia Sistemas derived from the IPMS. That makes a total of 1,800 jobs until 2020.

Besides, this contract includes a significant amount of participation from Australian industry, with companies such as Raytheon as supplier of the Communication System, Saab Australia as supplier of the Combat System, Scientific Management Associates (SMA) as suppliers of engineering services and Baker and Provan as supplier of cranes. In relation to Support, all the sustainment activities will be performed in Australia (NSW and WA) with Navantia Australia and its subcontractors, which has been partnering with Australian companies since 2007.

Ocius Gets A$1.7m for Unmanned Systems Control Network Development

The Australian government has awarded Sydney-based unmanned systems developer Ocius a $1.7 million contract to explore the viability of an intelligent command and control network of persistent unmanned surface vessels.

Awarded as part of the Australian Defence Innovation Hub initiative, the contract will see Ocius work on the technology which has the potential to improve maritime patrol, mine clearance, environmental monitoring, and search and rescue operations.

In an announcement on November 22, Australian defense industry minister Steven Ciobo said five Australian businesses received a total of over $12 million to further develop their innovative technologies to support the Australian Defence Force.

Established in 2016, the Defence Innovation Hub accepts proposals on innovations at all stages, from early stage concept exploration and technology demonstration through to advanced prototypes for integration, test and evaluation.

“The latest tranche of investments, funded through the Defence Innovation Hub, demonstrates the government’s commitment to invest in Australian industry, universities and research organisations to deliver leading-edge capability for defense,” defense industry minister Steven Ciobo said.

As part of this investment, Sentient Vision Systems, a small Australian computer vision technology company, has been awarded a $5.5 million contract to explore the development of a land Visual Detection and Ranging (VIDAR) system that utilities electro-optics with a new infra-red capability for low light and night time functionality.

Thomas Global has received $3.2 million contract to explore development of a next generation, high definition, color, digital biocular image control unit for use in armored vehicles.

Malaysian Scorpene Submarines Go to Sabah's East Coast after Ten Years in the State

A decade after becoming part of the nation's defences, the Scorpene submarines of the Royal Malaysian Navy have made its first appearance in the waters off Sabah's east coast

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman was seen for the time in eastern Sabah waters carrying out an operation in waters off Sandakan on Monday (Nov 26).

The submarine, linked to a fresh corruption probe and murdered Mongolian model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu, has never been deployed on the east coast even though it had been based in Sabah's waters over a decade ago.

It was reported previously that the waters were too shallow in the east coast of the state for the submarine.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman sailed from its submarine base at Sepanggar to the Sandakan Region Two Naval base for a joint operation with other naval assets in the east coast.

“It was involved in a series of operations with KD Sri Johor to test their capabilities along the eastern Sabah sea border," said the Navy in a statement.The operations also saw the Navy’s Fennec helicopters being tested. This was for the transfer of personnel from helicopter to submarine and vice versa.

In its statement, the Navy said that the training would allow various naval assets in the east coast of Sabah to work with each other and with submarines.

The Navy added that this will also help the Navy test its procedures on the sea, underwater and work with aerial support.

"It will also test the preparedness of crews in the event of any threats,” the Navy said.

The navy said that the operations reflected the commitment of the Navy to secure the borders of Sabah's east coast against any threats by ensuring security in the maritime operational area in the the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone).

The presence of KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is also a message to the communities that the Navy was present and ready to deploy its assets to act against any threat.

KD Tunku Abdul Rahman is one of the two Scorpene submarines bought by the previous Barisan Nasional government that is currently under a fresh probe by corruption investigators.

It had also been linked to the case of murdered Mongolian model and translator Altantuya Shaariibuu.

November 27, 2018

Syrian Soldiers KiKi challenge on BMP-1

Pakistan Army to manage Karachi Water and Sewerage Board

A debate on the water crisis in city dominated the proceedings of Sindh Assembly on Monday, with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA Khurram Sher Zaman demanding to hand over the management of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) to the army or Sindh Rangers.

Zaman criticised the provincial government’s performance and said that there was no single area in Karachi where KWSB provided water on regular basis. “For the last six years, I am pleading at this floor to provide potable water, but all in vain,” he said adding, “We want to know where the public money goes. The water issue can’t be resolved until corruption is eradicated from it.” Zaman remarked that the minister responsible for inequitable distribution of water in the city should step down if can’t perform the job diligently.

Philippine Air Force grounds Sokol after crash landing

The Philippine Air Force has grounded its Sokol helicopter fleet after one crash-landed in Tarlac on Nov. 22.

Vietnam’s KCT 15 anti-ship missile will be guided by GLONASS

Roskosmos agency head Yuri Urlichich says Vietnam’s KCT 15 anti-ship missile will be guided by GLONASS.

South Korea says it has finished development of K-SAAM

Yonhap is reporting that South Korea has completed the development of the K-SAAM, also known as Haegung, and will deploy it next year.

Turkish UH-1 crashes into Istanbul neighborhood

A Turkish military UH-1 helicopter crashed in Istanbul’s Sancaktepe neighborhood on Nov. 26, four on board were killed and one seriously wounded.

Public to be invited to name Taiwan’s new advanced jet trainer

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has announced today that the public will be invited to name the new advanced jet trainer being develop by Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. (AIDC).

Qatar to take delivery of 6 F-15QAs by March 2021

Qatar says it will take delivery of the first six F-15QAs from Boeing by March 2021. Another six will be delivered three months later.

November 26, 2018

299th BrTA of Ukraine Air Force is on high alert in #Kulbakino AB

Bell UH-1H of Turkish Army Aviation's 4th Regiment crashed in center of Istanbul after engine failure

Two Danish MG 42 gunners of the Waffen-SS in a trench on the Eastern Front, 1944

CV Liaoning night lighting

Final moments of the HMS Barham battleship

Two “Adir” (F-35I) aircraft landed today in Nevatim AFB and joined the ranks of the 140th (“Golden Eagle”) Squadron

Russia Air Force's Su-25SMs of 960th Assault Aviation Regiment patrolled over the strait

Austal - Philippines Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) Simulation

F-16 Fighting Falcons Operating At Bagram

Conflict in Azov Sea: Russian Ka-52s flight over Ukrainian Navy vessels

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