January 3, 2018

Kamaz Offers BPM-97 to Manufacture in Vietnam

Manufacturer's KamAZ Russia and its partners in Vietnam to establish a joint venture for the manufacture and assembly of trucks and specialized vehicles.

The Kamaz 43229 (code-named KamAZ 43269) manufactures the BPM-97 a light armored vehicle made by combining the chassis of a multi-purpose transport vehicle with bullet-proof body armor.

According to military experts, the BPM-97 is a cost-effective armored vehicle, suitable for patrol or escort duties. After being officially armed with the Russian Federal Border Guard since 1999, it has also been exported to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Due to its many similarities in tactical features, BPM-97 is considered as the No. 1 candidate to replace the very old BTR-152 of the People's Army of Vietnam.

The BPM-97 has a crew of two carrying 10 soldiers in a cargo bay. The rim provides 7.62 mm protection against bullets; The front bow is bulletproof 12.7 mm.

Soldiers in and out of the car through the hatch or tailgate, on the roof and sides of the wall with collapsed and porthole to facilitate the firing of infantry. V-shaped body to increase safety in case of mine. Tires with central air-conditioning system.Weapons of the BPM-97 can be either 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm machine guns, or even 30 mm automatic guns, similar to the BTR-80A. It can also be used as a platform for short-range air defense missiles or anti-tank missiles.

The BPM-97 turbocharged diesel engine has a 240 horsepower output, with a top speed of 90 km / h, a range of 1,000 km. BPM-97 does not have the ability to swim, but just wading 1.75 m deep when prepared.

It is known that the BPM-97 has been in the field of Vietnam for a long time, it has the prospect of being assembled in place when KamAZ plans to install a specialized truck assembly plant in Vietnam at the rate of internal geochemical up.

Sputnik reports that Russian automakers (KamAZ, UAZ, GAZ ...) will jointly set up a joint venture to manufacture and install trucks and buses from Russia. 10 seats or more, terrain vehicle and some specialized vehicles in Vietnam. In the category of high-performance vehicles including armored personnel carriers.

When the door is wide open, the demand of Vietnam with BPM-97 to replace the BTR-152 is very high, obviously we are facing a great opportunity to be able to manufacture and assemble the line. This advanced on the spot to enhance the strength of the Army.

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