April 13, 2018

Thai Marines to Procure Elbit Howitzers

The RMTC is to procure six 155 mm autonomous truck-mounted howitzer systems from Elbit. (photo : pantip)

The Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) has signed a contract with Elbit to procure the Israeli company’s 155 mm autonomous truck mounted howitzer system (ATMOS).

The RTMC said in a statement that the contract was signed in late March and features the delivery of six ATMOS systems, which will be built locally by the state-run Weapon Production Centre (WPC).

The contract is valued at USD26 million and provides opportunities for additional units to be procured and built locally if required.

The contract fulfils a long-standing RTMC requirement to augment its existing firepower, which currently includes a mix of ageing Canadian-designed GC-45/GHN-45 155mm howitzers acquired in the 1980s.

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