May 31, 2018

Malbat Finally Taken Delivery of 9 Guardian 4x4

Guardians in Lebanon. The Malaysian contingent in Lebanon – Malbat 850-5 – has finally taken delivery of the nine IAG Guardian 4X4 APC ordered last year. The APCs were delivered to the Malbat 850-5 camp, near the port city of Tyre early on May 29 according to a tweet by the Joint Force headquarters.

The white coloured vehicles were transported to the Marakah UN camp on low loaders. As reported previously the Guardians had been shipped to Lebanon earlier this year but their release were pending clearance from the Lebanese authorities.

From the pictures released by Joint Force, the Guardians are fitted with turrets likely to be armed with GPMGs. Malbatt experience in Lebanon had shown that the local population were more comfortable with lightly armed APCs especially those not fitted with cameras or any types of recording system.

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