July 23, 2019

Successful deployment of 50 paratroopers from A400M

Airbus declared that its A400M has successfully deployed 50 paratroopers from a side door on a single pass.

Russia’s Northern Fleet to stand up Su-34 squadron

Russia’s Northern Fleet intends to stand up a new Arctic air squadron that is equipped with the Su-34 fighter-bomber.

Japan could still arm upgraded F-15Js with AAM-4B

According to Aviation Week, Japan’s Ministry of Defense has not discounted the possibility of arming the upgraded F-15Js with the indigenous AAM-4B air-to-air missile.

Argentina selects FA-50

Jane’s reports that Argentine has selected the KAI FA-50 as its next fighter. A senior officer from the Argentine Air Force says the deal is expected to go through despite elections in October this year.

The Indian Navy has commission its fifth Dornier 228 squadron – Indian Naval Air Squadron (INAS) 313

International Military Competition - 2019 - Chinese Special Warfare Team Prepares for "Sniper" Competition

July 22, 2019

India's GSLV MkIII-M1 rocket successfully injects Chandrayaan2 moon spacecraft into Earth Orbit

Roughly 45-48 days for the spacecraft to land on the moon.

India’s AH-64Es arriving home Jul. 27

The first batch of AH-64E attack helicopters for India will arrive home on Jul. 27 at Hindon Airbase.

NZ Defence Force - Jade the Communications Warfare Specialist

Military Combat Aircraft MiG-29 of Serbian Air Force in Action


Belgian Defence - 21 July 2019

Aircrew members from the 123rd Airlift Wing simulate the evacuation of a C-130 Hercules aircraft in the event of a chemical contamination during an Operational Readiness Exercise

Spitfire on round-the-world flight

The Silver Spitfire expedition is attempting to fly a 1943 Spitfire Mk.IX around the globe on a west-bound journey that include stops in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand.

Russian Air Force takes delivery of 3 Su-35s

Three Su-35s have been delivered to the Western Military District of Russia.

State media of #Iran's Islamic Regime just released exclusive video of the seized UK's Oil Tanker, Stena Impero anchored in Bandar Abbas port

USNavy's EP-3E Aires II SIGINT airplane with 161410 serial number from VQ-1 Squadron was spying off the coasts of Venezuela

July 20, 2019

China's space lab Tiangong 2 reenters atmosphere under control

This Is The US Navy Ship That Downed The Iranian Drone - USS Boxer

This Is The US Navy Ship That Downed The Iranian Drone - USS Boxer

Jetting into the weekend like

State media of Iran's Rogue Islamic Regime released this video today & claimed that it shows IRGC Navy drone filming US Navy's USS Boxer

Go Tomcat

Indian Army carries out out summer user trials of DRDO's Nag 3rd generation anti-tank guided missile at the Pokhran Field Firing Ranges

July 19, 2019

Japanese F15 awesome landing

Archive video of IAF Boeing Chinooks arriving in Mundra port in Gujarat

Tim Peake at the Air Tattoo

Shooting of the “Cliff” coastal complex and the frigate “Admiral Makarov” in the Black Sea

Official trailer of Top Gun: Maverick

Japanese F-15Js will be getting the APG-82

When the first upgraded F-15J rolls out in June 2023, the fighter jet will have the APG-82 AESA radar as its main sensor, Aviation Week reports.

Netherlands will be buying 8 to 9 more F-35s

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld has confirmed that Netherlands will seek to buy eight to nine more F-35s.

AC-130 Gunship Night Live Fire

Incredible!! Isis being taken out by US Helicopters at night

NATO Simulates Large Scale Tank Battle In Poland

Tank Round vs Humvee Windshield 💥🚛

SpaceX - Crew Dragon Parachute Tests

July 18, 2019

75 years ago, the British and Canadian Army group launched Op Goodwood to capture the remains of Caen and a ridge beyond

India Delivers First Batch of Indigenous Lightweight Torpedoes to Myanmar

India has delivered the first batch of Shyena advanced lightweight torpedoes to Myanmar as part of a USD37.9 million deal that New Delhi signed with Naypyitaw in early 2017.

Official sources told Jane's on 15 July that an undisclosed number of these torpedoes, which were designed by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), had been transferred to the Myanmar Navy (MN), or Tatmadaw Yei, in early July. Inducted into the Indian Navy in early 2012, the electrically propelled 2.75 m long, self-homing Shyena weighs 220 kg, is packed with 50 kg of explosive, and can be launched from triple-tube launchers on surface ships and helicopters, according to DRDO sources.

Philippine Coast Guard's (PCG) First OPV BRP Gabriela Silang Finally Launched

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said that its first offshore patrol vessel (OPV) was launched today, July 17 at OCEA’s shipyard in France.

PCG said that the OPV, based on OCEA OPV 270, will be commissioned in the PCG service as Barko Republika ng Pilipinas (BRP) Gabriela Silang.

“It incorporates characteristically modern design with low radar cross section to minimize reflectability and a modern hull design capable of ocean voyage and operations in rough sea condition,” PCG said.

The vessel will be used to patrol the West Philippine Sea, Benham Rise and will be utilized in other anti-piracy and terrorism campaigns of the government in the Southern Philippines.

“This 83.6-meter long vessel has a maximum speed of 20 knots and it has an endurance that will take up to 22 days long and can accommodate 64 crew onboard,” PCG said.

PCG said the OPV is equipped with a mission management system (MMS) with dedicated command and control center, which integrates vessel’s sensors such as radars, automatic identification system (AIS), communications equipment, surveillance equipment, day and night vision camera, etc.

The future BRP Gabriela Silang also carries two 9-meter Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) with speed of 40 knots specially designed for law enforcement to include visit and boarding of other vessels.

Where U.S.-Turkey relations stand after dispute over purchase of Russian missiles

Indian Army organizes Army Scout Masters Competition

Russian Navy - Shooting of the arctic version of “Tor-M2DT” on Novaya Zemlya

Russian Military Flexing Muscles During Live Fire Exercises

China has developed new rotor manufacturing technique that improves fatigue life

Chinese researchers have managed to produce new helicopter rotors that has a higher fatigue life.

Air Force vet celebrates 100th birthday in Japan

Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier • USS Bataan (LHD-5)

PGZ gets certified to produce Mk 82 bomb

Nitro-Chem Chemical Plant, a subsidiary of Polish Armaments Group (PGZ), has been certified by RWM Italia to produce the Mk 82 bomb.

White House says Turkey’s “continued involvement with the F-35 impossible”

Kick Turkey out of NATO and get the Nukes out

The Trump administration has signaled its intention to kick Turkey out of the F-35 program. White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said, in a statement on Jul. 17 that the country’s involvement in the program has become “impossible.”

Watch the Brazilian Navy carried the final prototype test-firing of MANSUP

The third and final test-firing of the prototype MANSUP (Míssil Antinavio Nacional de Superfície) surface-to-surface anti-ship missile was carried out by the Brazilian Navy on Jul. 10.

July 17, 2019

Iran Army Ground Force received three Mohajer-6 UCAVs in Gonabad

Japanese new DDG HAGURO- to improve Air Defense capacity by having a Cooperative Engagement Capability


Transporting of the Tu-144 supersonic aircraft with the disassembled wings to the place where it will be set up as a monument

Getting gas over the mid-Atlantic

British Sappers bridge-laying vehicle demonstrates how it keeps the battlegroups rolling

United States Marine Corps Infantry Immersion Trainer

July 15, 2019

Russia's fifth-generation fighter Su-57 targetting pod

French President Macron presides over Bastille Day military parade 2019 - Full Parade

French Future soldier on flying board makes appearance at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris Sunday 14-07-2019

French inventor and entrepreneur Franky Zapata piloted the jet powered aerial vehicle, which he calls the Flyboard Air.

Greece cleared to buy 7 MH-60Rs

The Trump administration has given the green light to sell seven MH-60R naval helicopters to Greece.

Another shipment of Russian S400 anti-aircraft missile system was sent to Turkey by Russia’s military transport aircraft

NZ Defence Force - Jamie the Electronics Technician

FAF's KC-135 tanker refueling IAF's Su-30MKI aircraft

European joint training exercises

July 14, 2019

July 12, 2019

Russia delivered the long-range air defense system S400 to Turkey. Footage is from the Mürted air base near Ankara

US AF F-106 of yesteryear

Malaysia’s second Keris-class littoral mission ship Sundang launched in China

The Royal Malaysian Navy’s second Keris-class littoral mission ship (LMS) was launched in Wuhan, China, by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) on July 12.

Named Sundang (with pennant number 112), the LMS is the second of four ships in the class ordered under a RM1.17 billion (approx. US$265 million) contract from March 2017.

The initial plan stipulated that the first two units would be delivered from China, while the remaining two would be built in Malaysia by Boustead Naval Shipyard.

This changed earlier this year, however, as the Malaysian government negotiated a reduction in the price of the ships in exchange for all four ships being built in China.

LMS Keris, the lead ship, was launched in April and is expected to be delivered in December, this year. LMS Sundang will undergo further outfitting and trials before being delivered in April 2020, according to the Malaysian Navy.

All four units are scheduled to be delivered by 2021.

The 68.8-meter vessels are part of the Malaysian Navy’s transformation plan that intends to bring down the number of ship classes operated by the navy from 15 to 5. Many of the current classes are now obsolete and present an expensive upkeeping challenge.

LMS will displace about 700 tons and will be capable of accommodating a containerized mission module aft. The ships will support mine warfare, hydrography, and ISR missions.

Portugal places order for 5 KC-390s

Portugal has ordered the KC-390 after much deliberations and Embraer says delivery of five aircraft will commence in 2023.

UAE’s optical spy satellite lost after launch failure of Vega rocket

The UAE’s first spy satellite, the Falcon Eye-1, was lost during launch on Jul. 10 when the Vega rocket carrying it into space failed to reach orbit.

Former USMC CH-53 door gunner receives Pat Tillman Award for Service

Incredible Video Shows US Coast Guards Busting Drug-Smuggling Submarine

July 11, 2019

Insider's view of the Royal Australian Air Force Air Warfare Instructor Course Dawn Strike

Elbit to supply Indian Air Force with ELT, ALS, PRB equipment

The Indian Air Force will soon have emergency locator transmitters (ELT) and airborne locator systems (ALS) installed on its transport aircraft and helicopters.

EDRS - SpaceDataHighway: How it works

Marines bring highly mobile rockets to Australia

Exercise Garuda 2019

German anti drone system for IFV from Rheinmetall

Landing of participants of the All-Army Stage of the “Elbrus Ring-2019” contest in the Elbrus region

IAF’s Sukhoi 30 flies with French Rafale during 'Garuda' exercise

A Touching Reunion

S Korean Armed Forces Promotion

July 10, 2019

Singapore Armed Forces to Roll Out New Urban Training Capabilities from 2023

Singapore Army troops seen preparing to enter a mock building during urban warfare instruction. The service will have access to new high-tech urban operations training facilities from 2023 (photo : Jane's)

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will progressively operationalise a new 88-ha urban training complex from 2023, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced on 28 June.

Construction of the new facility, called SAFTI City, is set to commence at an undisclosed date as part of a wider SGD900 million (USD663 million) effort by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) to modernise the SAF’s training grounds in the western part of the island over a 10-year span. It will be jointly developed by the Singapore Army and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA).

According to the MINDEF, Phase 1 of the SAFTI City programme will cost approximately USD295 million to complete and encompass an estimated gross floor area of 107,000 m 2 , which the ministry states can support brigade-level training.

The initial phase will feature more than 70 mock buildings including three 12-storey blocks, underground facilities and other urban structures – a bus interchange with retired buses, a subway with decommissioned trains and several surface exits, high-rise interconnected buildings, and dense building clusters – that will support a range of training activities such as homeland security, counter-terrorism, and humanitarian and disaster relief (HADR) operations.

Building interiors and road networks can be reconfigured to meet specific training requirements, enabling instructors to modify building and street layouts to create fresh challenges for trainees.

SAFTI City will also leverage on a range of simulation technologies to enhance training realism and effectiveness, including the use of smoke and blast generators as well as mobile targets that can be dynamically repositioned and capable of returning simulated fire.

Battlefield instrumentation and a suite of video cameras will be used to monitor trainees in real time, with the acquired data collated and processed by a data analytics. MINDEF noted that detailed individual feedback will enable trainees to benchmark scores against their peers, increasing their motivation to improve.

ELM-2084 participated in LTAMDS sense off

Lockheed Martin joined hands with Elta to propose the ELM-2084 S-band radar for the U.S. Army’s Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) program.

N Deccommissions BRP Sultan Kudarat

One of the last World War II-era warships in Philippine Navy (PN) service, the BRP Sultan Kudarat (PS-22), formally decommissioned from active service on Friday.

Decommissioning ceremonies be held at the Captain Salvo Pier, Naval Base Heracleo Alano, Sangley Point, Cavite. Its retirement is in line with the PN's "Phase-In/Phase-Out" Program which is implemented to welcome new and more modern naval assets.

Rear Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo, Philippine Navy Fleet commander, said the decommissioning of older naval platforms is being done to ensure that there are sufficient officers and enlisted personnel to man the new ships now in the pipeline.

The PN has acquired the BRP Conrado Yap (an ex-Pohang-corvette of the South Korean Navy) which will arrive sometime in July or August and two Jose Rizal-class missile frigates by next year aside from three multi-purpose attack craft armed with Spike-ER surface-to-surface missiles by the first quarter of 2020.

"This is part of 'Phase-In/Phase-Out’ of the PN (which is) in preparation for our more capable and modern platforms," he added.

Bacordo said more and more World War II or "legacy" ships will be retired from service once their replacements are ready.

The PN is known to operate at least four to six World War II-era ships as of this posting. BRP Sultan Kudarat, formerly the USS Crestview (PCE-895), was commissioned by the US Navy on October 30, 1943.

It was transferred to then South Vietnam on November 29, 1961 and was renamed the RVNS Dong Da II (HQ-07) until its escape to the Philippines in 1975 shortly after the fall of South Vietnam to North Vietnam.

The ship was commissioned into PN service on July 27, 1976 and renamed the BRP Sultan Kudarat, serving 43 years with the Offshore Combat Force.

Last year, the PN also decommissioned BRP Rajah Humabon (PS-11), another World War II-era ship, after 38 years of service.

Indonesia to Salvage 57 mm Gun from Training Ship for Firing Range

The Indonesian Navy is salvaging a 57 mm naval gun from a soon-to-be-retired training ship. The weapon will be installed at a naval gunfire range under development in East Java (photo : NewsBalikpapan)

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Laut: TNI-AL) has submitted plans to retire a Yugoslavian-built training ship, and salvage its 57 mm Bofors naval gun, to the country's defence ministry for approval.

The service intends to install the naval gun at a land-based naval gunfire range that will be built in Paiton, East Java, two separate sources close to the matter have confirmed with Jane's .

The ship in question is KRI Ki Hajar Dewantara (364), which was commissioned by the service in October 1981. The vessel has been non-operational since 2017. Given that it will be decommissioned without residual value, a formal approval from the defence ministry is required before the retirement processes can commence. This is in line with Indonesian government regulations, a TNI-AL source told Jane's .

A computer-generated visualisation of one of the facilities that will be built within the naval gunfire range and simulator complex at Paiton, East Java (image : Jane's)

Ki Hajar Dewantara has an overall length of 96.7 m, an overall beam of 11.2 m, a hull draught of 4.8 m, and displaces 2,000 tonnes at full load. While in training service, the ship had a crew complement of 190, including 11 officers and 14 instructors, and could accommodate up to 100 cadets for training missions.

Besides a 57 mm naval gun in the primary position, the vessel is also two Rheinmetall 20 mm cannons, two 533 mm torpedo tubes, and two launchers amidships that can deploy the Aerospatiale Exocet MM38 anti-ship missile.

Once decommissioned, Ki Hajar Dewantara will be donated to the City of Surabaya. Jane's has not received confirmation of what the local government intends to do with the vessel, but local media reports suggest that it will be converted into a floating tourist attraction, incorporating a maritime museum and a restaurant.

Boeing Australia Accredited to Repair Chinook Rotor Blades

The Australian Army’s Chinook rotor blades can now be repaired locally by Boeing Defence Australia (photo : AeroAustralia)

Boeing Australia Component Repairs (BACR) has been accredited to overhaul CH-47 Chinook rotor blades, bringing new capability to Australia and delivering time and efficiency savings to local operators of the platform.

“Until now, rotor blades have been shipped to the US for overhaul work,” said Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) director sustainment operations, Darryn Fletcher.

“BACR’s accreditation provides customers with faster turnaround, enabling them to better maintain and restore airworthiness of these robust, multi-mission rotorcraft.

“Developing in-country capability also supplements BACR’s extensive portfolio of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services and provides another practical means for Boeing to minimise costs and deliver improved value-for-money solutions to our customers.”

Korea EximBank Supports $ 1.2 billion to Build Three Indonesian Submarines

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. has announced that Korea Eximbank will provide $ 1.2 billion in construction costs for three submarines exported to Indonesia.

The Korea Export-Import Bank is ready to fund the construction of the submarine, according to a report by the defense industry specialist Media World Net. According to reports, the Export-Import Bank will provide funds to the Indonesian Treasury Department in the form of a loan, and the Indonesian Treasury will support the funds to the PT PAL Shipyard.

"We are expecting the funding rate to be lower than that of the first submarine because the Ministry of Finance appreciates the investment grade of Indonesia well," said Ilian Thorntal, Director of Treasury Finance at the Surabaya Office.

On April 12, DSME ordered three Type 209-1400 submarines from Indonesia for $ 1.2 billion and jointly with Indonesian shipyard PT PAL. Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. will be delivered to the Indonesian Navy by the first half of 2026 through joint construction with Indonesian PT. PAL shipyard as in the first project.

The submarine to be built jointly by DSME is 61m long and can carry 40 crew members. It also has eight launchers that can launch various torpedoes, mines, and missiles. Submarine drying starts at the end of the year as soon as DSME is ready.

Previously, DSME and PT PAL were built in Korea in the Type 209-1400, and the last submarine made a block in Korea and finally assembled at the Indonesian PT PAL shipyard in Suarabaya - Indonesia. The first ship Nagapasa is going out, the second ship is Ardadedali, and the third ship is an Alugoro. The No. 1 and No. 2 vessels have already been commissioned to the Indonesian Navy, while the No. 3 vessels are undergoing marine navigation tests. 

Belgium to use F-16s to display colors of the national flag

On Jul. 21, Belgium will celebrate its national day and for the first time, it will be using the F-16 instead of Alpha Jet to display the colors of the state flag.

Aircraft carrier concept by Krylov State Research Center

USN Marks Fourth Littoral Combat Ship Deployment in Singapore after 19-Month Hiatus

The US Navy has deployed its fourth littoral combat ship to Singapore. The vessel will be involved in maritime security, and capacity-building efforts with partners in the region over the next few months (photo : USN 7th fleet)

The US Navy's (USN's) Independence-class littoral combat ship USS Montgomery (LCS 8) arrived at Singapore's Changi Naval Base on 6 July, marking the service's fourth rotational deployment of this vessel type to the republic.

Montgomery is part of the USN's long-standing plan to rotationally deploy LCSs out of Singapore. Previous ships that have operated out of the republic's Changi and Sembawang naval bases are namely USS Freedom (LCS 1), USS Fort Worth (LCS 3), and USS Coronado (LCS 4).

Coronado departed Singapore in November 2017 after a 14-month tour-of-duty in Southeast Asia, and there have been no other rotational deployments of the LCS in the republic since then.

"Rotational deployments by our littoral combat ships provide the presence and flexibility that are so important in this region," said Rear Admiral Joey Tynch, commander, Logistics Group Western Pacific, in a statement released by the US Embassy in Singapore.

"This platform is a utility player, ready to perform a full spectrum of tasking from maritime security operations and theatre security co-operation to humanitarian assistance and disaster response. That versatility strengthens our ability to integrate with our partner navies in the Indo-Pacific," he said.

SEAL Team - Whatever It Takes

Saber Guardian: Joint exercise with Romanian Forces

Army Basic Training: Favorite Army Food (Episode 9)

Two Repaired Su-30MK Fighter Jets Ready for Shipment to Indonesia

TSAMTO - OJSC 558 ARZ (Baranovichi, Republic of Belarus) completed maintenance and repair of two Su-30MK fighter jets of the Indonesian Air Force.

According to Scramble Magazine, in early July, both aircraft (sn. TS-3001 and TS-3002) were seen at the site of the overhaul center of the aircraft repair plant in Baranavichy, presumably awaiting shipment to the customer.

According to the publication, the aircraft has been upgraded to the level of the Su-30MK2, although this information has not yet been officially confirmed.

As TSAMTO already reported, on December 9, 2015, the Indonesian Air Force in its press release reported that two multi-purpose fighter aircraft Su-27SK with tail numbers TS-2701 and TS-2702, produced in 2003, will be repaired in Belarus. As reported, on December 8, 2015, both planes were loaded aboard an An-124 Ruslan chartered plane.

In April 2018, the Tribune News edition, citing a representative of the Indonesian Air Force, announced that it would overhaul four Su fighter planes of the Indonesian Air Force (two Su-27SKs and two Su-30MKs).

Two repaired Su-27SK fighters were returned to the Sultan Hasanuddin airbase on August 3, 2017 on board the An-124-100M Ruslan transport aircraft. Earlier, on the March 15, 2017, two Su-30MKs also produced in 2003 were delivered to Belarus for maintenance and repair.

Following the meeting of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Indonesia Valery Kolesnik with the commander (chief of staff) of the Indonesian Air Force, Air Marshal Yu Sutisna on May 25, 2018 in Mabesu Chilangkap (East Jakarta), it was announced that Indonesia expects to receive two repaired Su-30MKs by September 2018 year. It is obvious that the return of the aircraft to the customer was delayed.

The 11th Squadron of the 5th Aviation Wing deployed at the Sultan Hasanuddin airbase is armed with 16 vehicles from the Su mixed fleet: two Su-27SKs (obtained in 2003) and three Su-27SKMs (2010), as well as two Su-30MK (2003) and nine Su-30MK2 (2008-2013).

Australia Issues RFI for Tiger Helicopter Replacement

The Australian government has begun its search for a new armed attack helicopter to replace the ARH Tiger fleet. The planned procurement will require capabilities in manned-unmanned teaming and amphibious operations (photo : Aus DoD)

The Australian government has issued a request for information (RfI) for a replacement of the Australian Army’s fleet of Airbus Helicopters ARH Tiger armed reconnaissance helicopters.

Under the Land 4503 programme, the Australian Department of Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) is seeking information to acquire a total of 29 airframes. Of these 29, 24 are to be based at a single location, with a further five to be used for training operations.

The timelines for the programme anticipate an initial operating capability (IOC) of a squadron of 12 aircraft by 2026, with full operational capability (FOC) from 2028.

The concept of operations outlined in the RfI documentation include the ability to deploy a troop of four aircraft at the point of IOC, with the other eight aircraft split between continued force generation and build-up training. Once FOC is achieved, the Australian Army would be capable of “generating multiple concurrent deployed forces of up to Squadron [12 aircraft] size,” supported by a training system of up to five aircraft.

The procurement programme is targeting a reduced risk approach, with the cover letter for the RfI noting that the acquisition is aimed at a “proven and mature, off-the-shelf” system to “deliver armed reconnaissance efforts in close and deep contested battlespace”.

The RfI is also seeking information on a platform’s interoperability with unmanned systems, particularly as the country is replacing its fleet of Textron RQ-7 Shadow 200 under the Land 129 Phase 3 programme, and is acquiring the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc’s (GA-ASI’s) MQ-9 Reaper under Air 7003 programme.

July 9, 2019

Thai Army Canceled the Supply of Armed Helicopter, to Switch to Purchasing via FMS

Department of Army Transportation The Royal Thai Army (Department of Army Transportation, Royal Thai Army) issued two notices on July 1, 2562 (2019) relating to the cancellation of a project to purchase 8 helicopters for armed patrols.

By which the project to purchase a helicopter patrol armed with a number of 8 devices equipped with standard equipment with weapon system, fire control, surveillance cameras, repair parts, maintenance and simulated flight aid with transportation. According to the project for the fiscal year 2019, which proceeds in the form of debt obligations across the fiscal year (new start) 2019-2021, the credit limit of 4,036,529,900 baht ($ 131,439,430) that is expected to be announced the procurement for the month of June 2019 will be repealed in order to supply procurement through FMS (Foreign Military Sales) agents including hiring, training, pilot and aircraft mechanic armed reconnaissance helicopter research projects, find patrol armed helicopter with a limit of 191,3131,442 baht ($ 5,262,990) bound across the ongoing fiscal year 3 years 2019-2021 to cancel to purchase by FMS instead.

Earlier, the Department of Army Transport issued a price announcement on June 12, 2019 by specifying the source of the middle price that was priced from Euro Intertrade Pte Ltd. Singapore, MD Helicopters distributor, US helicopter manufacturer.

Cancellation of purchase patrol armed helicopter with agents from overseas changed to a FMS procurement model, which is the US government's military assistance program directly to the country therefore is more suitable, more cost-effective and transparent to the government budget.

It is understood that patrol armed helicopter with new weapons. The 8 machine that the Royal Thai Army will procure from MD Helicopters in the United States to be in service along with helicopter AS550 C3 Fennec (Airbus Helicopters H125M) stationed in the 1st Battalion, Department of Aviation, 9th Army Aviation Center

Probably the MD 530G armed reconnaissance helicopter based on the light-weight general helicopter MD 530F (369F) by the family of MD 530. Special Operations/armed models used by the US Army are known in the name MH-6M/AH-6M Little Bird, which is the latest improved version of the MD 530G, equipped with E3 L-Wescam MX-10D (Electro-Optical/ Infrared) cameras of Canada FN HMP400 .50cal (12.7x99mm) heavy machine gun of  Belgium and Bulbous rocket FZ220 capacity of 7 rounds 70mm (2.75 ") of Belgian.

The MD 530G armed reconnaissance helicopter has been tested and equipped with a bulb, air gun and FN RMP rocket equipped with an M3P air gun and a 70mm air rocket to 3 rounds and a M260 rocket bulb capacity 6 shots for a Hydra rocket 70 and the rocket bulb FZ220

The latest clients in the ASEAN group are the Malaysian Army, which has ordered the US MD 530G armed reconnaissance helicopter in 2016 that is expected to be delivered in 2019. However, the supply of the military reconnaissance, MD 530G, is the issue of the previous government investigation into the corruption.

According to the plan to improve the modernity of the aircraft the Thai Army needs a total of 16 armed reconnaissance helicopters. Procurement of new helicopters with 8 machines from the US MD Helicopters that are equipped with avionic systems and modern weapons ready to make the helicopter complete the requirements

In addition, the Thai army still needs at least a new attack helicopter 6 machine for replacement the helicopter attack on Bell AH-1F, Cobra, 7 machine stationed in the 3rd Battalion, Department of Aviation, Army Aviation Center expects that when the Royal Thai Army has proceeded to set up a new procurement project in accordance with the procedure the US Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA: Defense Security Cooperation Agency) will be announced by the US Department of State regarding the possibility of continuing to sell FMS.

Houtis show off its drone and missile arsenal

Upgraded BrahMos with 500-km Range Ready CEO of BrahMos Aerospace

The upgraded version of the homegrown BrahMos missile with an enhanced range of up to 500 km is ready, the CEO of BrahMos Aerospace, Sudhir Kumar Mishra, has said. Mishra, in an interview broadcast on Doordarshan News Sunday, said it is possible to increase the range of this missile because India is now a part of the elite Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR).

"India has successfully test-fired a vertical deep dive version of BrahMos, the world's fastest supersonic cruise missile, that can now change the dynamics of conventional warfare... The upgraded version of the missile with enhanced range of up to 500 km is also ready," he said.

He said India is now the only country in the world to integrate long-range missiles onto fighter jets after the BrahMos missile was test-fired from a Sukhoi 30 aircraft of the Indian Air Force.

Brahmos missile, which cruises at almost three times the speed of sound at Mach 2.8, is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on the Su-30 fighters.

"We can take on any ship at sea up to 300 to 400 km (far) and after some time, may be longer; we can take on land targets up to hundreds of km and with the test that we have conducted some time back (from Sukhoi 30), ranges up to thousands of km," he said, according to a release by the state-run broadcaster.

Mishra said for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, Brahmos has become a weapon of choice and the steep 90-degree version has become an ultimate aircraft carrier killer.

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