September 16, 2019

This week will fly by with the help of these US Navy Sailors

Maiden trilateral exercise, involving the Singapore Navy, Thailand Navy and Indian Navy commenced at Port Blair

B-1 Lancer Bomber To Get Deadly Hypersonic Missiles

Chinese 95-type automatic rifle in the production workshop of China Construction Equipment Group Chongqing

Mini Stealth F-35?: Don't Go Crazy Over the Air Force's Stealth XQ-58A Valkyrie

Boeing is proposing two solutions to fix KC-46A cargo restraint issue

Boeing has come up with a short-term and a long-term solution to get the KC-46A to ferry cargo and personnel.

Watch HMS Queen Elizabeth arriving in Halifax

Su-35 flight demonstration over Istanbul

The MQ-25 Stingray Program Is the Navy's Secret Plan to Keep Its Aircraft Carriers Going

Troops of India and US training jointly on the howitzers and Chinook helicopters during their exercise Yudh Abhyas 2019

Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility over the drones that struck two Saudi Aramco facilities, causing fires

September 15, 2019

Pakistan Army Havaldar Nasir Hussain, 33, was a resident of Narowal killed in Kashmir

75+ soldiers killed so far 50+ unacknowledged

Havaldar Nasir Hussain was infiltrating into Indian side to create unrest

Indian and American soldiers sing and dance on the Assam Regiment's marching song ‘Badluram ka badan zameen ke neeche hai’

Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams Tank Desert Live Fire

Full Interview to Lt Gen Ranbir Singh of Indian Army on Pakistan and LOC

C-17 Globmaster Air Refueling • Exercise Mobility Guardian

Algerian Buk-M2E hunting Enics E-95 Target drone in exercice

Four Pakistani soldiers killed in terrorist attacks near Pak–Afghan border

The soldiers have been identified as Lance Naik Said Amin Afridi, 28 and resident of Khyber district, Lance Naik Muhammad Shoaib Swati, 31 and resident of Mansehra district and Sepoy Kashif Ali from Nowshera district.

The soldier who embraced martyrdom in North Waziristan has been identified as 22-year-old Sepoy Akhtar Hussain, resident of Baltistan.

Marine Corps M1A1 Abrams Tank Desert Live Fire

Giant Boeing C-17 Globemaster III Swallows Two UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters

September 14, 2019

Pakistani soldiers retrieved the bodies of their killed personnel after showing white flag

You can clearly see dead bodies of 2 soldiers being taken away but Pakistan Army has acknowledged death of only one Sepoy Ghulam Rasool

75+ soldiers killed 46+ NOT acknowledged


Soldier Akhtar killed when a security patrolling came under attack by miscreants in Aba Khel North Waziristan


Sepoy Akhtar Hussain, aged 23 ,a resident of District Baltistan    killed in North Waziristan
Lance Naik Said Amin Afridi, aged 28, a resident of District Khyber killed in North Waziristan
Lance Naik Muhammad Shoaib Swati, aged 31,resident of District Manshera killed in North Waziristan
Sepoy Kashif Ali, aged 22, a resident of District Nowshera killed in North Waziristan

Havaldar Nasir Hussain, 33, was a resident of Narowal killed in Kashmir

Largest ever attack against Oil facilities Saudi Arabia's Aramco is carried-out by Loitering drones launched from #Iraq in support of #Houthi rebels in Yemen

Watch till the end

Indian Naval version of LCA makes maiden arrested landing

Your iPhone may soon be "Made in India" 

September 13, 2019

Grifone 2019, exercise in the field of search and rescue

Leonardo DSEi 2019: AWHero UAV

Leonardo DSEi 2019: Miysis DIRCM

RAF Logistics - Supply, Storage & Distribution Specialists

Delhi-class destroyers getting new radar and missile systems

India is to upgrade the radar and missile systems of its Delhi-class destroyers with help from Russia.

101st to use CH-47s for assaults

The U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division intends to add a new CH-47 battalion into its ranks to perform assaults.

Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha, DCAS (Operations) - PAF

You are next .... wait for it

September 12, 2019

Poland MSP Group released footage of its new "Giez WARble Fly" loitering UAV for dismounted troops with a flight speed of 150 km/h, and a 5-10 km range

Satellite images of a military engineering bay in Islamabad Pakistan shows a batch of MBT(s) that were repaired/prepped for deployment during the stand off with India

A paratrooper from the VDV’s 83rd Airborne Brigade in Ussuriysk got caught on a residential building during a training jump today

MBDA to demonstrate SPEAR-EW

MBDA says it has been awarded a contract to demonstrate the SPEAR-EW.

Saab willing to offer work-share and technology transfer to Colombia

Saab’s aeronautics chief Jonas Hjelm has said that his firm is willing to offer work-share and technology transfer to Colombia in order to secure a contract for the Gripen E.

Poland cleared to buy 32 F-35As

The U.S. State Department has cleared the sale of 32 F-35As to Poland. The Foreign Military Sale package is worth an estimated cost of $6.5 billion.

Pak Social media talks about a Shafiqullah killed by Afghan Taliban in the backdrop of Peace deal cancellation

Blackwater? Whitewater? 
Cannot be confirmed or denied . 

15.35 Maqbul mentions Shafiqullah

DRDO India test-fires man portable ATGM in third series of trials

The missile was launched from a man portable Tripod launcher and the target was mimicking a functional tank.

The missile hit the target in top attack mode and destroyed it with precision. All the mission objectives were met

September 11, 2019

Serbia will get armed drones from China

US Pacific Fleet and Royal Thai Navy include maritime forces from all ten ASEAN member states

Aus Air Force drone racing comp held at RAAF Base RIC recently

Finnish Air Force Ilmavoimat Baana19 F/A 18 use road for take off

US Soldiers with BG Poland practice marksmanship at the Bemowo Piskie Training Area

B-21s With XQ-58 Valkyrie, 6th Gen Fighters To Dominate Future Air Combat

Launch of Space Inspire, a new telecom satellite product line

First Gripen E to Brazil

Astronomers Photograph Two Newborn Planets for the First Time I NOVA I PBS

USS Olympia Fast-attack Submarine Nuclear-powered Completes Around-the-World Deployment

Welcome to DSEI 2019

ESA - Tracking satellites from the Arctic

Global medical training prepares to save lives on battlefield

Enterprise (CVN 65) Repurposed Anchor Installation on USS George Washington (CVN 73)

Here’s what it looks like when USAFCENT F15 and F35 jets drop 36,000 Kg of bombs on a Daesh infested island

September 10, 2019

Tactical Tuesday: TSOA

Iraqi security forces launched an operation (Operation Tirab al-Usood) against ISIS cells in the area of al-Knooz in eastern Shirqat

B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber flyby

Pakistan Army soldier Sharif Arif Hussain killed in Kashmir

Tally since July 19 - 67+ Unacknowledged 45+

Russia developing two indigenous engines for Ka-62 and Ka-226

The chief designer from United Engine Corporation says two projects are underway to replace the existing French power-plants on the Ka-226 and Ka-62 helicopters.

Indian Air Force to reactivate 17 Squadron today

The Indian Air Force is expected to reactivate 17 Squadron at Ambala Air Force Station. The unit is expected to be the first to operate the Rafale.

TOPGUN’s impact over the last 50 years

In the September’s issue of Proceedings, Commander Christopher Papaioanu and Brad Elward look at the impact on fleet readiness by the U.S. Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program (TOPGUN) over the last 50 years.

Marines Practice Combat Beach Landings & Recoveries

RAF Lakenheath's Heritage F-15 Eagle Cockpit B-Roll 2019

CH-53E Super Stallions Land Aboard USS Somerset (LPD-25)

Air Defense Artillery Brigade Load Thaad system Onto Squadron C-17 Globemaster III

4,600 meters above sea level infantry regiments to fight against each other

Exercise Northern Lightning • Day 2

September 9, 2019

Indian Army drone captures dead bodies of Pakistani BAT(Border Action Team) squad along the Line of Control in Keran Sector of Kupwara in the 1st week of Aug

Indian Army foiled an infiltration attempt by a Pakistani BAT(Border Action Team) squad along the Line of Control in Keran Sector of Kupwara in the 1st week of Aug

Russian tankman’s wife asked him what does he do at work. He took her along and made her fire one round


RAFAEL Litening + SAR

DSEI 2019

South China Sea High Tension Again: China Targets Vietnam?

Ships Begin to Return to Naval Station Norfolk Following Hurricane Dorian

Amphibious Ready Group, Marine Expeditionary Unit Exercise 2019

America's Flying Gas Station: KC-10 Extender Aerial Refuels KC-10, F-16s & A-10

F-15E Strike Eagle Cockpit Takeoff Aerial Refueling

Liberation Column - Belgian Defence

B-2 Bomber Refuels Over Norwegian Sea

How China trains its J-15 pilots

False accusations of genocide in Kashmir by Pak government made Emotional people to reach LoC

How a flawed strategy of making fake allegations based on imagination and falsehood can backfire. This is Pakistan's own doing.

Israel Air Force carried-out an airstrike against IRGC backed PMU (Hashd al-Shaabi)

September 7, 2019

Pakistani special operations SSG Sartaj soldier killed while infiltrating into India as a plain clothed Mujahideen

Tally of unacknowledged Pakistan dead soldiers goes to 65

Pak army SSG commando Sartaj Alam, resident of Abbotabad killed in a clash with Indian army along LoC

Pak army SSG commando Sartaj Alam, resident of Abbotabad killed in a clash with Indian army along LoC

Qatar Emiri Land Forces using MBDA Milan ER missile during Eager Lion 2019

U.S. Navy names new expeditionary fast transport ship after Cody

K9 Thunder SPH from the inside

U.S. Navy Blue Angels with Gyro-stabilized Camera

Indian BTA HTT40 finally undertakes the 6-turn spin successfully today

Chinese soldiers patrol in Tibet plateau

Spc. Elizabeth Jacinto, 91F Small Arms/Artillery Repairer, 1st CAB1ID , in illesheim, Germany

Belgian Army rifleman

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