August 18, 2019

Pakistan Army Subedar Ahmad Khan SSG killed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

NEW Post - 20/08/2019 Updating new casualties in this NEW link

Advising all Indian readers to buy Gold and Silver coins and stock up on min 2 weeks of rations at home. The world is going to get crazy as days go by.

We are in a period in history when governments all over the world go bankrupt because of their large pension and welfare state obligations. Governments keep increasing taxes on citizen to meet those large pension and welfare state obligations destroying the very economies that sustain them in the process.

From Venezuela in the west to Hong Kong in the East there are signs that governments all over the world have mismanaged economies and promised pensions and freebies which were never funded from day one. 

To distract the public from its financial problems governments start taking draconian measures and even start and justify fake wars to escape public ire. 

Here are details of a country on the verge of bankruptcy misusing the tax department (FBR).
There is no mention of reducing government expenditure any were and reducing the pension of FAT CAT Pak Army Generals.

When people don't trust Pinki peer Government and its PKR currency they trust Gold

Come back tomorrow for more updates

More details of casualties NOT reported by DG ISPR Gafoora

Pakistani Generals who sold Pakistan's nuclear weapons secrets to the CIA

SSG (special services group ) are elite soldiers of Pakistan Army

File video. How the LOC lights up at night.

Pakistan Army soldier Sarfraz Ahmed killed in Tatapani sector

Pakistani soldier killed in Lipa Sector

Captain Aaqib killed in Turbat area of Balochistan

5 Pakistan Army Solders killed in mysterious explosion in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir’s Barnala area.

17th August 2019
Sector - Unknown

15th August 2019Pak Army Havildar Maroof Shah
Sector - Unknown.

30 July 2019 - Sector Leepa Valley

Leepa Valley - Hotbed of Terrorists

Paki source - What is going on in Pak Occupied Kashmir

Tatta Pani location

What Paki weapons are being used in this gun fight?
Start at 12.55 mins

And the occasional Paki patrol team below has 13-16 members with roughly 10 AK-47/56, G-3 Rifle, 2-3 Light Machine Guns MG3 (MG1A3), 1-2 Snipers with sniper rifles and 5-6 side arms(pistols).

Weapons at 19.50

Paki Light Machine Gun MG3 (MG1A3) in short burst and automatic mode

Pak Army soldier Hav. Sajawal Mumtaz killed at Balochistan border on 2nd August 2019

Frontier Corps Soldier Sepoy Rizwan Ullah killed at Pak-Afghan Border on 15th August


RPG hits Leepa sector near Neelum river at 0.6 sec ....bunker, post, foxhole not known

Indian Army lights up Pakistan occupied Kashmir looking for Pakistan Army BAT ambush teams + sneaky counter attack terrorists.

19th Aug 19

5th August 19
Capt. Dr. Sohaib Ashraf killed in car accident. Capt. Sohaib’s car fell into the river taking his life among others, while he was on duty.

16th Aug 2019
SSG Commando Rana Haroon killed at LoC
R/O - Daska Siakot, Village Galotian Khurad

Seems Subedar Ahmad Khan SSG and SSG Commando Rana Haroon were killed in the same place where the elite soldiers were deployed.

8th August 2019
Pak Army Sepoy Iftikhar killed on LoC, not a word from foreign whisky drinking Gafoora

Photos of Janaza below.

29th July 2019
Sepoy Ihsan Ullah was killed at LoC Kashmir on 29th July 2019. Sector unknown

31st July 2019 
Sepoy Raheel Iqbal Chaudhry killed in Chamb sector

Self defense is killing the murderer/s before he kills you.

How future battles need to be fought in the subcontinent, with AI and just a little human intervention.

Jai Hind!!!
बजरंगबली की जय
ಭಜರಂಗಬಾಲಿ ಕಿ ಜೈ
பஜ்ரங்பாலி கி ஜெய்
బజరంగ్బలి కి జై
ਜੋ ਬੋਲੇ ​​ਸੋਨੀਹਲ

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