October 5, 2019

RTAF Alpha Jet to be Upgraded

As the Air Force has a project to improve the structure of the aircraft and Avionics systems, 7 aircraft including the weapons system, with a total of initial parts, necessary equipment, training for pilots and related technical personnel by specific method.

The selected company is RV Connect Company Limited (Export, Wholesale, Retail, Service, Producer) by offering the price in the total amount. 3,880,000,000 baht Including VAT and other taxes, transportation costs, registration fees and all other expenses. Announced on 26 September 2019.

7 attack aircraft of the Dornier Alpha Jet Squadron 231 Wing 23rd Udon Thani from the total 14 will be restructured in aircraft avionics systems and weapons systems.

Although no details are updated. What is currently but shows that the Thai Air Force has a policy to remain stationed at 7 Alpha Jet Germany for at least another 15-20 years or around 2034-2039. Worthiness and support for the Thai aerospace industry.

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