March 18, 2018

TNI Commander Confirms Purchase of CH4 drones from China

 In the midst of a limited budget, the procurement of the main weapon system equipment (Alutsista) TNI still required to carry out their duties and obligations in a qualified. While serving as Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense, Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto has his own strategy, among others, avoiding the purchase of defense equipment from brokers. Thus, the purchase of defense equipment is really oriented to needs rather than interests that may be more profit-oriented.

One example of independence to choose based on needs is drone aircraft alias drag. Indonesia once used the Israeli product, the country with the most mastered drone technology. But until now the country does not want to release control of the operation of these planes. Finally, Hadi chose a drone made domestically and China.

"The reason is, China only does not limit the utilization of their production drones, anyone can buy the maximum technology they produce," said Hadi in the book of Sergeant Sommer So Chief who was launched on Friday (16/3/2018).

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