January 12, 2021

Newly Activated Philippine Coastal Defense Regiment Showcases Future Capabilities including Brahmos


Coastal Defense Regiment (CDR) will handle land-based anti-ship and anti-aircraft capabilities of the Philippine Navy (photo : PMC)

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City - Philippine Marine Corps Commandant, MGen. Ariel R. Caculitan PN(M), visited the newly activated PMC Coastal Defense Regiment (CDR) on January 05, 2021.For the SBASMS (Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile System), the Philippine Navy is eyeing BrahMos cruise missile system (photo : idrw)

The PMC CDR was activated on August 07, 2020 under the Philippine Navy’s Defense Capability Program that aims to enhance and improve our capability on sea control based on the concepts of anti-access and area denial to maintain territorial integrity, assert our sovereignty over our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and extended continental shelf, and protect our Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs).

The CDR, headed by Col. Romulo D. Quemado II PN(M) (GSC), is designed to protect our shores, ships, and amphibious task forces against an invading enemy and to improve our littoral capabilities in support of our naval operations.For the SBADMS (Shore-Based Air Defense Missile System), the candidates are Rafael  SPYDER, Raythoen-Kongsberg NASAMS and LIGNex1 KM-SAM Cheolmae II (photo : Rafael)

During the visit, the commandant witnessed the unit’s capability demonstration. Coastal defense is one of the Major Capabilities that the Marines will focus on as an integral part of the Philippine Navy’s Active Archipelagic Defense Strategy.

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